Staying in Alignment with your Golf Game

The lower back can undergo increased stress with the torque of a standard golf swing

The quick, repetitive twisting motion required to swing a club puts your back and other muscle groups at risk every time you play. With prime golf season in full swing (pun intended!), we have some tips to help improve your golf game and keep your back safe from harm.


Chiropractic treatment can put your body back into alignment, remove nerve compression, and improve blood flow to vital muscles. When you are free from pain and your mobility isn't hindered, you can swing freely and focus on your game.


Chiropractic can keep your body in harmony and boost your game, but there are also things you can do yourself to improve it even further.

Stretching is key. Give yourself time to do some warm up stretching and light swings before your game. Get in some light stretches after each round to keep your muscles loose and lengthened. 

Stay hydrated! Dehydration can set the stage for a strained muscle or similar injury. Make sure you drink plenty of water before, during, and after playing golf, especially if it is hot outside. If you walk the course when you play, avoid carrying your bag and pull it instead. Carrying a heavy golf bag over 18 holes can cause disc problems and irritate nerves.

If you have the option, avoid wearing metal spikes when you play. They have the potential to get stuck in the ground during your swing, causing a serious knee or back injury. If you find that your swing is causing pain in any area of your body, consider taking lessons to learn a more efficient way to swing your clubs.

If you follow these tips you'll enjoy a pain-free round every time out. 

To learn more about keeping your golf game in alignment, visit the team at Active Chiropractic Meridian in Meridian. 

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