Keeping The Home You Love in Diamond Condition

Practice Regular Cleaning and Care to Keep Your Home Luxurious & Pristine: You’ll Also Increase Its Value!

Maintaining a luxurious home requires regular cleaning. Make it a habit to keep every room in your home clean and organized. Larger houses demand more patience and time to clean, which means you may need to hire someone to help you with home maintenance. However, there are a lot of things you can do yourself each day to lighten the load for yourself and your housekeeper. 

Here are some handy tips you may find helpful:

1) Get into the habit of regularly tidying up at the end of the day and encourage this behavior in your family members. Put everything away immediately. If items are left in a room where they do not belong, make it a part of your lifestyle to never leave the room empty-handed until everything is back where it belongs. Doing so will make cleanup seem gradual and less overwhelming, ensuring you steer clear of the tendency to accumulate clutter. It will also make larger tasks easier for your housekeeper to complete, possibly costing you less money!

2) Keep a daily schedule of simple cleaning tasks that need to be completed. For example, never leave dishes in the sink overnight. Get into a routine of cleaning dishes every day, immediately after each use. 

3) Don't wear shoes in the house. Shoes bring an unwanted assortment of dirt, germs and viruses into your home. This exposes your floors to the possibility of damage and often results in the need for heavy-duty cleaning. Wearing shoes inside your home also increases the risk of illness for you and your family due to exposure to bacteria!

4) Keep the atmosphere in your home as fresh as possible by doing things such as opening windows on clear days to welcome crisp natural breezes indoors. Using a diffuser with the essential oil or blend of oils of your choice can purify the air and may provide additional health benefits for you and your family. Fragrant candles and air wicks are also popular choices for enhancing the smell and ambiance of a room or your entire home.

5) Accidents will happen! Clean up spills and stains right away. Messes are generally much easier to clean when dealt with promptly, waiting until the following day or longer usually means expending loads more time and energy removing stains. Mud tracked onto your floors is best dealt with after it dries and becomes crumbly. I would delete this highlighted sentence because it seems to contradict the earlier tip not to wear shoes indoors to avoid bringing in dirt (mud), etc. Of course, pets can bring in mud also, but to me, the sentence does not flow here. If you decide to keep it, I recommend moving it up to the tip that focuses on cleaning floors! (#3)

6) When doing your own housecleaning in between housekeeper visits, remember it’s best to begin cleaning each room by removing any cobwebs or dust from the ceiling and working your way down, dusting light fixtures, window frames, mirrors and wall hangings as you go. Be sure to dust and sweep over furnishings and floors so that any dirt shaken loose from higher up does not end up settling on items below as you continue to clean.

7) Remember to think dry first, then wet: When cleaning a room, begin with cleaning tasks that involve dry methods such as dusting, sweeping and vacuuming, and then if needed, move to wet methods such as glass and all-purpose cleaners as well as mopping.

8) It’s always best to start with the least harmful method of cleaning available. Try the gentlest options first, and then, if necessary, move on to a more aggressive alternative. If after attempting to resolve a cleaning issue using all products you know to be safe without success, you must decide whether it’s worth persisting in the effort. You don’t want to risk damaging a surface by rubbing it with anything harmful. Seek advice from your housekeeper, if necessary, since as a cleaning professional, they have likely seen or dealt with the same situation or something similar in the past.

9) Let time do the job for you! This is a valuable little tip that can often save you time and make cleaning easier and quicker. When cleaning a room, spray your cleaning product, then busy yourself with another task while the cleaner does its work. Similarly, when cleaning the kitchen, spray the cleaner on worktops and appliances, then go off to work on something else, which will give the cleanser time to soak into the surface meaning less time scrubbing for you!

10) Have all your supplies with you when you start your housecleaning tasks. This will prevent you from making several trips around the house looking for the right products and tools. Think of setting up cleaning caddies for each level of your home if your house has multiple floors.

Your housekeeper will love you for making their work easier! By demonstrating love and care for your home, you are more likely to inspire those you hire to help you maintain it to do their absolute best to keep your home as beautiful as possible.

Contact the expert residential and commercial cleaning team at A Diamond in the Rough Cleaning Service today to schedule assistance with keeping your home pristine! Call 704.320.7526 or visit ADiamondInTheRoughCleaning.com.


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