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Securing Your Future

Carey Secure Money Management and Financial Services Keeps your 401K, Profit Sharing, and IRAs Safe for Retirement.

Article by Joanna Tannenbaum

Photography by Philip Andrews Photography

Originally published in Midlothian Lifestyle

While working for an insurance company, Bob Carey witnessed many individuals being taken advantage of, ultimately putting their money at risk. A firm believer in prioritizing the interests of his clients and keeping their money safe, Bob left the insurance company and opened his agency, Carey Secure Money Management and Financial Services. "We are a one-stop shop for financial services focusing on retirement planning," Bob says. "We provide low-risk investments that offer a lifetime income stream. We help create a complete financial picture for our clients, evaluating all their expenses and income sources they will have in retirement." Bob's financial advice helps clients answer the big question: Can I afford to retire? 

Bob and his Executive Assistant, Kelly Reid, recognize the struggle most clients experience while transitioning from an earned to a fixed income. Bob and Kelly build strong personal relationships with their clients to discover what is important to them, so they can help them prioritize this in their retirement plans. "We listen, care, and have an open-door policy with our clients, "Bob explains. "We never recommend anything that puts our client's money at risk; instead, we focus on guaranteed growth, principal protection, and turning their money into dependable income." Bob and Kelly's goal is to help their clients stay on budget with current expenses, new expenses, and unexpected emergencies. 

Bob explains, "If done right, you will only retire once, so most things you experience when transitioning from working to retirement will be new. We have helped hundreds of people retire,

and with our many years of experience, we help our clients navigate this change and set them up for success." As the rules and laws regarding 401K accounts, profit sharing, and IRAs are ever-changing, it becomes challenging for people to keep up with them. Bob and Kelly deal with such matters daily and want to support their clients through these changes. 

In the spirit of our Summer and Adventure issue, Bob shared some tips and ideas on how best to save for summer vacations and adventures throughout the year. He is firm on sticking with a budget and saving for an emergency fund. Planning for summer vacations well in advance is crucial, and your monthly budget should always include saving for trips. When Bob creates a budget for his clients, he incorporates holding money aside for trips and other items on their wish lists. Ensuring you have an emergency fund before reserving funds aside for travel is also vital to help avoid unexpected expenses spoiling your summer plans. 

With thirty-three years of experience and an excellent reputation, Bob offers more than just retirement planning. Carey Secure Money Management assists with wills, living wills, power of attorney, life insurance, and long-term care. Additionally, they partner with Commonwealth Tax and Insurance to provide tax planning and preparation services. Whatever the financial need may be, Carey Secure Money Management provides help for everyone. "We are delighted with what we have accomplished for our clients over the years," Bob says. "Our clients are not just a name; they are a part of our Carey Secure Money Management family. 

Customer Contentment

"To me, Bob Carey and his associates are more like a family, looking out for me and my best interest. I have been with Bob since 2008 and would highly recommend him and his associates to anyone; I trust Bob and will continue to rely on his guidance and advice in dealing with my business." - M Smith.

"I am sharing about the financial planning and insurance offered by Carey Secure Money Management & Financial Services. It is a small company with many resources and has your best interest at heart. They will keep you up to date with all the items you need to retire and not worry about anything." – S. Molter 

To learn more about retirement planning and additional services offered at Carey Secure Money Management and Financial, visit or call (804) 464-4141.

  • Kelly Reid, Executive Assistant at Carey Secure Money Management
  • Bob Carey, Retirement Specialist at Carey Secure Money Management and Financial Services