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Regardless of whether you're a frequent golfer or just play on weekends, it's common to experience some level of discomfort or restriction during or after playing a full 18 holes. While experiencing muscle soreness for a few days after playing is normal, feeling pain while playing or having lingering discomfort two days later is not. When the body isn't moving correctly or when you play through pain, it's likely that your golf swing will be affected and lead to poor performance on the course, and could even result in further injury.

The golf swing involves numerous intricate joint and muscular movements, and golfers who have inadequate body mechanics, joint limitations, muscle tightness, muscle weakness, or pain-related constraints may not execute the correct range of motion and form required during the backswing, ball address, or follow-through, resulting in swing errors. A physical therapist can address all of these concerns by designing a customized program that includes targeted stretching, strengthening, and joint mobilization techniques, leading to proper biomechanics essential for an accurate golf swing while minimizing discomfort.

A physical therapist can help form an individualized golf rehabilitation program to include:

  1. Balance training: Dynamic weight transfer and distribution during the golf swing is essential for adequate ball striking

  2. Hip, back, shoulder joint mobility: Manual therapy and muscle stretching to achieve the range of motion necessary for full backswing and follow through 

  3. Hip and core strengthening: Address muscle imbalances and weakness to gain more stability and power during the swing

  4. Reduce pain: All of the above will reduce pain along with possible modalities necessary which can be recommended by your therapist

A comprehensive assessment of your golf swing by a physical therapist can enhance your body’s potential for more powerful and stable swings, while also minimizing pain and restricted mobility. Although a golf professional may be the go-to expert for swing-related problems, a physical therapist can assist you in addressing any body mechanics concerns that may be causing physical limitations or discomfort.

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Visit Kethley Physical Therapy at 800 Hwy 290 W, Bldg B-300, or at 13830 Sawyer Ranch Road for an in-person evaluation.

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