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Teaching life lessons on and off the field 

Kenneth Brubaker has always had a passion for coaching. After being an assistant lacrosse coach at Michigan University and a coach to his son, he founded 313 Lacrosse, where he has taught hundreds of kids the skills to succeed. 

In addition to teaching the sport, he focuses on so much more. “I teach respect, effort, focus, teamwork, and humility,” says Brubaker. “The motto of my company is ‘Honor the Game,’ which I took from the Native Americans who created lacrosse. I really put a lot of bearing on teaching these kids to be great people, as opposed to just great athletes or great lacrosse players.” 

A lot of what he passes along he learned from his father. “My dad had a saying, ‘If you’re not humble, you will be humiliated.’ He wasn’t a man of a lot of words, but what he said was important. He believed in doing your best no matter what the job, to give it 100%. 

“Ultimately, I teach kids that if you give 100%, no matter what the outcome, you can come off that field satisfied. Not just in lacrosse, but in relationships, in life, in school, in your faith; give that 100%.”

Brubaker has also been a volunteer at the Grosse Pointe Neighborhood Club for 21 years, and he’s more than a coach to all of his athletes. “I tell the kids that they can call me 24/7 - 365 about anything, not just lacrosse.”

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