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Khanna Vision Institute Promotes Healthy Eyes and Optimal Vision

In order to see clearly, whether up close or far away, many of us need glasses or contact lenses, especially as we get older. The problems with these are many, including everchanging prescriptions and misplacing glasses to irritated eyes. Wouldn’t it be nice to work, play sports, read and see the world around us without these bothersome issues? Thanks to ever-improving technology and Khanna Vision Institute, we can.

“I originally became an eye surgeon 30 years ago to help people regain vision,” says the owner of the practice, Dr. Rajesh Khanna, a medical doctor certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology. “But, over the last few years, my mission has become bigger.”

In addition to their main office in Beverly Hills, Khanna Vision Institute now has offices in Westlake Village, Inglewood, Sherman Oaks, Moorpark and Oxnard and has five optometrists on staff. Even more locations are planned as well so more people will have access to their services.

In order to provide an integrated approach, Dr. Khanna has also installed in-house labs for eyeglasses.

“This way kids can come in for eye exams, and then as they grow up, we can do contact lenses and glasses, and then surgery as they age,” he says. All vision needs will be provided in one place.

Dr. Khanna is proud of the fact that he and his team really spend time with patients and listen carefully to find out exactly what’s needed in order for them to enjoy their best sight. Before any treatment is scheduled, all information, including costs, is provided upfront so patients know exactly what to expect.

He and his staff have a motto: “The Patient is King.”

“We are here for the patient; the patient is not here for us,” he says. “There are a lot of choices available, so we need to listen to what the problem is to find the best solution. Taking time with patients and listening is becoming a dying art in medicine.”

Multiple types of eye surgeries, which are only performed by Dr. Khanna, take place in his Beverly Hills and Westlake Village locations. Of course, there’s the well-known and in-demand Lasik surgery, but when patients aren’t eligible candidates for Lasik due to age and other factors, he can also provide Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) surgery. Whereas Lasik is a surgery that removes tissue by laser, ICL inserts a lens into the eye for optimal vision.

Dr. Khanna is also experienced with pterygium (or surfer’s eye) removal. (Pterygia are benign growths that affect vision and may become cancerous.) In addition, he offers Presbyopic Implant in Eye (PIE) surgery, which treats presbyopia, which is a change in the natural lens of the eye that occurs over time and affects one’s ability to see near objects. Dr. Khanna wrote a book, Rejuvenate Aging Eyes: The Miracle of PIE, about this surgery.

Another critical treatment Khanna Vision Institute offers is Corneal Cross-Linking.

“This is very important for young kids,” he says. “In the teenage years, this disease is rampant and our interventions over the last decade can prevent them from going blind.”

Recovery from these surgeries is usually only a day or two but may be faster depending on the patient.

“I see a lot of very high level and demanding patients who want the best and also need to return to work pretty fast,” says Dr. Khanna. “I recently called one of my patients, a CEO, six hours after surgery on both eyes, and when I asked how he was doing, he said, ‘I'm working.’” All of his patients get his personal cell phone number in case they have any questions or concerns.

Patients are also given a lifetime warranty on all surgeries.

“If at any time something has to be touched up, which is very rare, we do it at no cost,” he says.

Dr. Khanna has successfully performed tens of thousands of vision correction procedures, including on his son, mother and staff members. He uses the latest and safest equipment and techniques to guarantee a pain-free and exceptional experience and has an impeccable bedside manner that makes patients feel comfortable and relaxed.

To find out more, visit or call 805.222.7785.