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Fun and Friendly Kids' Bedroom Spaces

When designing and decorating kids’ rooms, there are smart plays you can make that will really pay off for everyone down the line.

Keep a neutral base.

Depending on the age of the child, (s)he may or may not have opinions on color and style in the room. One way to let an older child express themselves without, let’s say, painting the walls fuchsia (which I actually just did in my daughter’s room) is to stay neutral with paint - choose an eggshell finish over flat for easier cleanup - and flooring choices, then let them choose colorful accents, like fun pillows, curtains, etc. – things that can easily be swapped out later when tastes change.

Plan for spills.

Let’s be real; where kids are, messes will happen, so why not plan for them ahead of time. 

For flooring, indoor-outdoor rugs are a wonderful choice, or if you want a quality piece, choose wool as it will outlast most other rugs, and is still cleanable. Layering rugs is fun and can be another way for a child to have a say in the design; choose a neutral option like a sisal or a neutral wool rug for the large area rug, then let them choose a smaller fun printed rug to layer on top. Again, as the child ages and tastes change, (or spills happen) you may only need to swap out the top rug.

If there is an area where you want to use a wallcovering instead of paint, did you know that you can have any wallpaper treated to make it wipeable? Additionally, peel and stick wallpaper is becoming more and more popular, is widely available, and is the epitome of low commitment. When you’re ready to make a change, just pull down the strips and start from scratch.

Regardless of the age of the child, choosing stain-resistant fabrics is almost always a good decision in a child’s room. High-performance outdoor fabrics have come such a long way; they have a great feel, are durable, come in so many options, and clean up with just soap and lukewarm water. And, don’t be afraid of patterns! Patterns hide stains better than solids. Vinyl and faux leather upholstery options are also great choices since they wipe clean.

Double duty furniture? Did you know that Amazon makes a bean bag form that can be stuffed with all of those random stuffed animals that every child seems to accumulate? You just add in all of the stuffies, zip it up, and it becomes a kid’s comfy lounge chair! Genius! Storage ottomans are also a great double-duty furniture piece.

Keep Safety in Mind. For younger kids, you’ll want to go with acrylic over glass, and furniture with rounded edges instead of sharp corners.

Stay Flexible. Frames, where kids can easily swap out their artwork, is a nice choice for walls. Ditto for framed cork boards or strings with mini clothes pins.

Treat it like a Rental? When I design homes that will be rented out on VRBO or AirBNB, there are a couple of tricks of the trade that I think also apply when I design kids’ rooms. Taking beds all the way to the floor and using wall-mounted shelves instead of nightstands makes vacuuming a breeze and lowers the number of areas where dust bunnies can accumulate.

Lastly, be playful, let your hair down and have some fun; it’s a kid’s room after all. The kid years don’t last forever; if they want the Batman sheets, get the Batman sheets. 

These room ideas have been provided Lori Shaw, Joyful Home Design for Interior and Landscaping Design, 917.612.0563,