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Love Unfiltered

Insights from the Hearts of Kids

Love isn’t just for grown-ups; it’s a magical journey that unfolds in the hearts of children too. From playground crushes to heartwarming friendships, these young minds reveal their innocence while sharing their thoughts on love. 

If love were a color, what would it be?
Rhett (6)

What do you love about our town, Dripping Springs? 
Mom, I just love how God made it.
Nova (5)

What would happen if there was no love in the world?
Everyone would be naughty! Like a bully because they do naughty things and have zero love in their hearts kinda like the grinch.
Harvey (4) 

If love was a color, which color would it be?
Pink. Because hearts are pink.
Ruby (4)

What do you love about Dripping Springs?
Um, um, I would choose Disney Land. (Asks again) That I can see everybody at school that I know.
Colt (5)

Who do you love most in the whole wide world?
Cora (4)

If love were a food what would it taste like?
P. Terry’s burgers, because whenever I eat their burgers all of my worries go away. 
Audrey (7)

How do you show someone you love them?
You play with them.
Brayden (5)

What would happen if there were no love in the world?
Sadness and crying and everyone would need hugs.
Lincoln (5)

What is the meaning of Valentine’s Day?
Give love to other people and caring about people.
Kelby (6)

If love was a food, what would it taste like?
Faye (5)

What is Valentine’s Day?
Loooooove. Eating with your family, like, eating different things. Doing things like love, giving, and spending time with your family.
Jensen (5)