Killjoy Kills It!

Nashville's Only Booze-Free Beverage Shop

Killjoy opened for business on April 1, but is no joke, except for its tongue-in-cheek name.

Created on the dream of Stephanie Styll, Killjoy is a booze-free beverage shop located by The Loading Dock in Nashville. Not only do they offer alcohol-free beverages, but they also allow customers to taste the products and make sure they find an option they like.

Alcohol-free wines, spirits and beers are still not widely known. Carrying 30 to 40 different varieties of beer and wine, they also offer functional beverages from ashwagandha mushrooms to CBD to Kava, as healthy alternatives. This shop also hosts weekly events, such as happy hours, wine tastings, book clubs and hikes. They also served stars backstage at the Country Music Awards. 

The name of the shop came from Stephanie's sense of humor. “It’s what people tend to think you are if you don’t drink,” she says, jokingly, “but the truth is you can have more fun than ever and we’re here to usher in that era.”

This Dry January, Killjoy is hosting a series of events including tastings, markets, parties and panels with coaches to talk about different wellness concerns, such as gut health. In addition, they're celebrating the New Year with a “Booze-Free New Year’s Eve Bash.”

This New Year, Killjoy has two resolutions: “to provide sophisticated beverages to Nashville and to create community and change the way Nashville drinks.”


Dry January is a New Year’s resolution to quit or limit the drinking of alcohol for the month of January. This can help keep you healthy by limiting hangovers, losing weight, getting better sleep, and improving mood and energy levels. Going alcohol free for 31 days also can reduce liver fat and blood sugar.

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