Kiln Boulder

Providing a curated and personalized workspace rich with community connection

Just about everyone’s work landscape has transformed to some degree since the beginning of the pandemic. Businesses both large and small continue to alter their environments to best suit their own needs and the needs of their collaborators. Since October 2020, Kiln has been providing a warm and welcoming space and a curated coworking environment to its members while fostering a sense of community and connection on Boulder’s Pearl Street.

I was recently extended an invitation to work out of Kiln Boulder for a day and I was excited at the chance for a change of scenery (my home office could probably use an upgrade). After an amiable welcome and an in-depth tour, I was able to nestle in, enjoy the versatile and engaging surroundings, and see the connections of like-minded members networking and achieving their own individual business goals in an open and modern setting.

Kiln membership is offered at different levels that allow you to be flexible in scaling your business with the potential of having your membership grow with you and your team. During my visit, I chose to utilize the shared desks and the open-layout coworking space complete with a charming café stocked with healthy snacks and beverage options; this section of Kiln’s space is included with the entry-level Club Membership. The subsequent level, Resident Desk Membership, includes a sizable private desk in an open, yet more private area; this makes the most sense for a small team or individual working out of Kiln on a consistent basis. Kiln also offers Private Office and Studio Memberships; the former has the option to host private space for 1-20 people and the latter accommodates a team of up to 50. Each membership level includes the use of Kiln’s many conference rooms, event spaces, and theater (all are also available to reserve for non-members and hold anywhere from 6-55 people), on-site parking, and access to the many inspiring events that Kiln curates for their members.

A strong tenet of Kiln’s mission is to elicit emotional engagement and strengthen mental health in the workplace. In addition to events with a focus on professional development, Kiln offers social clubs, movie screenings, yoga classes, and even a relaxation room complete with one of those life-changing massage chairs that envelops your entire body. Kiln also encourages its members to host their own events which have inspired a member-led book club, trivia, and pickleball groups. With eleven coworking spaces in the Western states (CO, CA, UT, ID, and OR), your Kiln membership covers each current and rapidly growing future location; ideal for individuals that find themselves traveling for work. Kiln locations fit into communities replete with nature and outdoor activities; of course, Boulder is no exception. Treadmill/bike desks are even an option for those that choose to stay active throughout the entire workday and onsite showers give you the opportunity to freshen up after your morning bike ride or run to your workspace.  In the interest of local collaboration, Kiln hosts a myriad of networking events featuring partnerships with local businesses; Boulder-based Rasa Coffee Alternatives, Yoga Pearl, and Apocalypse, just to name a few.

Kiln’s design aesthetic is specific to enabling collaboration. From the wide-open and eclectic environment to an outdoor space that matches the comfort and style of the indoors, all the details are taken into consideration. The built-in phone booths and “deep work” rooms for privacy, the bespoke furniture designed specifically for each Kiln location, and the built-in top-notch technology, all make it easier for you to focus on what’s important for you to be successful. Kiln is truly intent on helping its members express themselves to their full potential and finding that healthy balance at the intersection of work and lifestyle.

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