Rebuilding Our Community 

Use Your Scars and Fears as Stepping Stones Instead of Stumbling Blocks

Our community has recently endured some of the hardest times in as long as I can remember. Thinking back to the big earthquake of 1971, I was very young and lived in Northridge; I didn't really understand it. Then during the next one in 1994, I had my own children, making it even scarier! Of course, I’m sure my parents were just as afraid—at that time I had a salon in Northridge that endured lots of damage.

We hear about things happening around the world, and of course, our hearts go out to those going through a disaster. When it happens in our own backyard, it really hits home. In our area, it started with the fire in Ventura, followed by the shooting at Borderline, then the next fire and after that, flooding. To all those who lost members of their family, my heart goes out to you.

The word resilient comes to mind, but isn't that what we all do every day? If you were one of the luckier ones who did not lose a home, you are very fortunate. We are always picking up the pieces. It was a very close call for so many, including myself. Yet, I know so many that did lose everything. I’ve had an opportunity to speak with them. It's really hard to understand what they are feeling, and yet they have picked themselves up and carried on.

Our community has been incredible and helped us all to be strong. During the weeks after the fire, it was hard for me to do my show, so I decided to reach out to all the angels in our community who were making a difference and support them by collecting items and bringing food, storing items and raising money through concerts, while also not forgetting all the nonprofits that helped with our misplaced pets—these are the ones I felt compelled to have on my show. Thank you again to all those people who stepped up and wanted to make a difference. Many of the people who lost everything have survived with the support of love and donations.

We all know and feel the love of 805 Strong. This is resilience. As the saying goes, “Teamwork is dream work.” When we are helping others, then we can truly help ourselves.

Strength does not come from winning. Our struggles develop our strengths. When we go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is true strength.

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