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Kim Ortiz Portrait Art

Legacy Portraits Capturing the Bond between Families and Dogs.

Creating heirloom legacies and memories is the driving force behind Kim Ortiz, a local artist and portrait photographer based in Bee Cave. She specializes in capturing the unique connection between families and their fur babies. In Kim's own words, "My WHY for my business is creating legacy portraits for families and their dogs because I believe that memories are all we have left when all is said and done." 

Through close collaboration with her clients, Kim listens to their visions and expectations, understanding the significance of the artwork. In-depth studio consultations allow her to uncover the special connection between families and their dogs. "I learn what the portrait means to them and why their dog is considered part of their family. I dig deep to understand the special bond of the family and, in particular, why the dog brings so much joy to them."

Kim's artistic style shines through her signature mixed media painted portraits. Each piece is meticulously crafted, starting with photography and evolving through various mediums. The final result is a museum-worthy masterpiece that exudes love and emotion. She also offers in-home consultations to assess how the artwork will be displayed.  She explains, "When they look at the portrait of their family on the wall, they are reminded of how special their family is and the moments in time that the portrait captured that can never be recreated."

With a deep love for animal rescues and her six adopted dogs, Kim actively supports various organizations. Her Pet Calendar Fundraiser over 10 years raised over $35,000 for rescues, and her current coffee table book fundraiser project, "A Dog's Best Friend," aims to raise funds for the Austin Humane Society. Kim also contributes to the "Tails of the World" book project, uniting photographers worldwide to support local animal rescues.


Kim Ortiz specializes in mixed media painted portraits and wall art handmade in Italy that beautifully capture the bond between families and their dogs. Her expertise extends to various genres, including family portraits, high school seniors, Santa’s Magical Experience, business headshots, and branding. You can find her luxury portrait studio located at 12700 Hill Country Blvd, S-120, within the Hill Country Galleria, open for visits on weekdays from 1-5 pm. Take a moment to explore her portfolio and community initiatives at, and follow @kimortizportraitart for inspiration. 

TOP: Wall portrait of Zeus

BOTTOM: A family mixed media painted portrait.


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