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Resilient Is the New Sexy

I am so blessed and honored to work with so many incredible women and I can’t forget the heart-minded men.

Being in media has given me an inside track on the most incredible women who are making a big difference in our world. There is something special about the kind of woman that honors her family, while also running a passionate successful business, sharing her dreams and giving back.

These women are confident and yet humble and are not afraid to ask for or give help. They stand up for their rights and would take on the world to protect their family. They know life is precious and value every day—making decisions in a way that doesn’t knock anyone down and, in fact, does the opposite, empowering her circle. Each of these women knows when you need an honest girlfriends’ chat, is a team player and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty by pitching in.

These are the women you want to surround yourself with, because I believe when you have a support team like this, you can get through anything. I also believe together is better. Join a group, so you can shine and use your individual skills; we all have them and we need you. We welcome you, you’re

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