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Bright and shiny holiday decor

The Setzer family found themselves house hunting just as the pandemic took hold. Working with go-getter realtor, Kim Wimbs, they landed in a recently renovated stunner in Roswell, ready for Sabrina Setzer’s decorating magic. “I met the Setzer family when we all went into lockdown. They were relocating to the area for work, so there wasn't an option to wait out the epidemic,” says Kim. “Finding a new home was a priority. There were a couple of heartbreaks, but a house hit the market in a wonderful neighborhood and they knew this was their home.”

Kim says that when families are looking for a new home they always consider family gatherings and holidays as part of the equation. “Picturing where your tree will go and imagining where your kids will open presents on Christmas morning definitely comes to mind when buying a home,” says Kim.

The clean lines and bright whites of this home really set the stage for a colorful aesthetic to pop, noted Kim. “Sabrina Setzer really has a knack for decorating her home, especially during the holidays. Her eclectic, fun and colorful way of decorating for each holiday is completely charming and unique.”

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