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Article by Marie Robey Wood

Photography by Ankit Sharma

Originally published in Potomac Lifestyle

"Kim has helped me reach goals I didn't think I would ever reach. She has forced me to believe in myself and to not quit. She has helped me not only to transform my body but also my mindset."—Lindsay Haynes

When Kimberly Roche gave birth to her son Enzo in 2019, she took a hard look at what had happened to her body and health during her pregnancy. Along with the joy of delivering a healthy baby was the consternation of having gained a not-so-healthy 65 pounds. She determined to take charge of her health and fitness by starting an exercise program with a trainer at a gym. Her trainer introduced her to weightlifting and she discovered that a workout program that included weights was transformative. Exercising with weights not only toned and strengthened her muscles but left her feeling empowered. 

Kimberly decided to take a course through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and became a certified personal trainer, certified nutrition coach, and certified weight loss specialist in July of 2020. She outfitted a barn in her backyard with fitness equipment and soon started accepting clients, offering small group classes, personalized training, and an online course. Her business, KRF Sculpt Women’s Fitness, was off and running. So far she has women participating from all over the country whose ages range from their thirties to sixties, including new moms.

The KRF Sculpt Women’s Fitness eight-week program offers:

One on One Personal Training/Coaching—This program is recommended, but not limited to, someone new to working out and lifting weights. This course offers each client a workout program aimed at progressing safely toward their individual health and fitness goals.

Virtual Training Sessions—These are available for clients who don’t live in the DMV area or who prefer to exercise at home or in the gym. Kim offers a personalized workout plan, again with attention to individual health and workout goals. She trains through text messages and social media and is always available for guidance and advice.

Booty Bootcamp (Body Recomposition)—This full-body group workout focuses on growing the glutes through lifting weights, nutritional guidance and resistance training.

Weight Loss—Goals are achieved through guidance in making better nutritional choices, and includes a fun workout program to maximize weight loss and tone muscles at the same time.

Kimberly sums up her work as a fitness coach this way, “I really, truly care about each of the clients who come to me. It’s a nonjudgmental zone with me. Their goals, whether they are to lose weight, build muscle, or gain confidence, become my goals, and I get so proud when they achieve them.”

For more information on KRF Sculpt Women’s Fitness and to sign up, please visit

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