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Trustworthy products to enhance your outdoor adventures, available at REI

My passion for the outdoors is far and wide. I love backpacking, camping, whitewater rafting, canyoning, highlining, and foraging. I think being in nature is the best way to decompress, as well as connect with ourselves and our community. I hope that sharing my experiences and expertise makes exploring the great outdoors more approachable for more people from all walks of life.

1. REI Co-op Wonderland 6 Tent

If you’re looking for a go-to spacious tent, this one is for you. The included interior divider can break the large tent into two rooms, which we like using for living and sleeping spaces. The awnings keep gear out of summer rain and the huge doors and windows allow you to see all the views around you! rei.com/product/202982

2. REI Co-op Camp Roll Table

Tables aren’t always the first thought when it comes to camping, but this one may change your mind. It's so convenient when you want to spread out while cooking or enjoy a card game with friends! It rolls up small and is easy to throw in the car for all the days spent outside. rei.com/product/765280

3. REI Co-op Wonderland Chair

For ventures that are closer to the car, this chair is an excellent addition. It stays comfortable throughout long evenings by the campfire or hangouts in the park and feels super sturdy. rei.com/product/217995

4. Nemo Disco 30 Sleeping Bag

I love this sleeping bag because it is wider and roomier than a classic mummy bag but almost the same weight. It's suitable for car camping or a long backpacking trip. rei.com/product/163035

5. Platypus Quick Draw Water Filter

There are a lot of great filters available, but I've been impressed with Platypus's rigorous product testing. I love that there are caps on either end to keep dirt and debris out of the filter while I’m on the trail. Cleaning it is super easy as well! rei.com/product/188475

6. Packtowl Personal Towel

These are so small and endlessly useful - I literally carry mine wherever I go. I have used it as a sitting blanket at the park, to clean puppy paws after a romp in the mud, and to dry off after going for a swim in a mountain lake. rei.com/product/221819

Kira Womble has worked at the REI Co-op Bellevue store for the last year, since returning to the USA from living abroad. She loves that co-workers and customers alike revel in sharing their adventures in the outdoors.

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