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DIY Kitchen Makeover

Nesting 101's Jennifer Stathatos Shares Tips and Tricks

You may have seen Jennifer Stathatos' refinished furniture at Pilgrim Candle, or perhaps you’ve seen her pieces on social media. Jen owns Nesting 101, and she has a passion for taking old, unique furniture, and revitalizing them into something fresh and new, that can offer usefulness and function. Utilizing imagination, a great quality paint, and a little elbow grease, and she breathes new life into furniture you would leave at the curb (and, in fact, she picks up many of the pieces you have!). More recently, I have seen Jen post design vignettes and gorgeous decorating ideas, and I thought, how fun to share her talent in our Home Issue. I was thrilled to learn that she had renovated her kitchen, and she leveraged many techniques and hacks that you and I can do in our own home. Jen shares, "My son was graduating from high school, and I was ready to tackle the project I had been considering for years. Having a party was the perfect excuse to get it done!" And the results are STUNNING! 

Through these pages, you will also notice that Jen is a talented sign-painter and master gnome-maker. She also has a knack for carrying design and color aesthetic through a room, creating an inspiring, balanced and cohesive space. As Jen states, "We all have God-given talents and I hope to nurture mine as I grow my small business and provide unique quality furniture & home décor to my clients." 

To see more of what she offers, be sure to visit Nesting 101 on Facebook or Instagram, and visit her Esty Shop at

Detail 1:

1. counter

2. Cabinets/hardware

3. valence

4. light fixture

5. backsplash

Detail 2:

1. what you did to renovate - sand, paint and kind of paint, hardware (where you found item, too)

2. vignettes on top - what you use as design trends/design "rules" to create your own vignette

Detail 3:

1. again how you know how to create your own - do you use a similar color palette, similar materials, etc. 

2. how to decide what items go together

3. signage - that you do this on your own, too