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Anne Marie Boedges at Anne Marie Design Studio

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Anne Marie Design Studio: 'Where Design And Functional Living Meet'

Every home is as unique as the people who gather within it and deserves to be a functional yet relaxing safe space, proclaims professionals at Anne Marie Design Studio. 

Anne Marie Boedges, the studio's president/designer, says, "Your home is where laughter, love and moments take center stage, where families grow and daydream. We enjoy envisioning beautiful, essential spaces alongside clients. From kitchens to bathrooms and everything in between, we design and renovate homes, floor to ceiling, specializing in cabinetry."

She confirms she and her team of designers, project coordinators and craftsmen work with clients, giving inspiration, images, sketches, notes and examples to create dream spaces as customized retreats for homeowners. Clients can visit the studio's showroom located in Wildwood at 17014 New College Ave., Ste. E, which is Wildwood's former police station they revamped. However, Anne Marie says typical renovation projects start with exchanging details to ensure the studio's approach and clients are a good fit for each other. 

"We follow that initial exchange with a one-on-one, in-person or online 'walk the space' step, discussing what will and what may not work. One of our best benefits is asking clients to visualize where they see themselves in five to 10 years, including discussions about anticipated lifestyles, travel, entertainment plans, children's housing needs and whether their current home might become a second home," she explains. 

Next, she says measurements are taken for each renovation space, and she and the designers personally hand-draw initial plans. That step is followed by another client meeting during which tweaks are made. Once final design plans are selected, drawings also are completed in a computer program.

"We were one of the first residential design studios in the St. Louis region to use Oculus goggles [groundbreaking virtual reality technology via a wireless headset]," Anne Marie says. "Our clients can virtually walk through their potential space in a 3D manner. Homeowners get to feel the space, it's like they are already inside it."

She says at that point they bid labor costs, and conduct a huge walk-through at the site with the subcontractors involved. She adds that a typical project is concluded in about four months once the actual renovation begins. 

Anne Marie compares matching renovation preferences for perfectly designed cabinetry and rooms to curating perfect wardrobes, starting with 'that quintessential black dress.' She says much like classic, antique-white cabinetry, she adds “jewelry” to it, making certain elements spotlighted, more or less.

"We treat our clients as family. And when you work with us, you get the expertise and support of our whole company every step of the way. We live and breathe your process," assures Anne Marie. 

Additionally, Anne Marie can be seen or heard providing design tips on Fox 2 News and on BIG550 KTRS radio. 


  • Anne Marie Boedges at Anne Marie Design Studio
  • Anne Marie Boedges at Anne Marie Design Studio

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