Knockout Punch

A Sure Hit for Your Next Holiday Party, Brunch with Friends or Date-Night Indulgence

The long-awaited entertaining season is here! There’s just something so special about opening your home to those you love and reconnecting over an abundance of festive food and drink. But finding ways to spice up your yearly routine and keep get-togethers fresh and fun for guests can be a challenge. Enter The Spicy Olive Pomegranate Party Punch—easy to make, light and refreshing and with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions. How gorgeous will that burgundy color look on a holiday table? Plus, a punch bowl creates the perfect natural gathering spot to keep the party conversation flowing.

No big plans? Think “unique mimosa alternative” for an intimate lunch with a friend. Or a solo treat while curling up with that book or binge-watching your latest obsession. So many options to mix up the ingredients list and develop your own signature cocktail, too!  

This recipe uses pomegranate in two ways. This unique fruit is known to be rich in antioxidants and thought to have a variety of other health benefits. Some cultures even believe pomegranates bring good luck for the New Year—so your timing is perfect. Start a new holiday tradition, or add punch to any everyday affair for a seasonal sparkle. 

The Spicy Olive Pomegranate Party Punch

Base Recipe 

Non-alcoholic, family-friendly, serves 4

  • 5½ cups pomegranate juice (or pom-cranberry)

  • 2 cups ginger ale, chilled

  • 2 cups seltzer or club soda, chilled

  • ½ cup The Spicy Olive’s Pomegranate Quince Balsamic Vinegar

Pour 1½ cups of pomegranate juice into an ice cube tray and freeze overnight. In a large bowl, mix remaining 4 cups of juice, ginger ale, soda and vinegar. Add the pomegranate ice cubes and serve from a punch bowl.

Spirited Twists

Two of our favorite ways to transform this punch into an adults-only crowd-pleaser. (Have delicious ideas of your own? Go ahead, let your creativity sparkle!)

  1. Add your preferred vodka or light rum (or both?) to the recipe above and enjoy.

  2. For an elegant, special cocktail, place three pomegranate seeds in the bottom of a champagne flute. Add the pomegranate punch to fill the flute half full. Add champagne or other effervescent wine and toast the wonderful host.

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