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From Doubt to Drive: Makena Delaney's Entrepreneurial Evolution

Growing up in Thompson’s Station, Makena Delaney has always felt a deep connection to her community. "I love everything about Thompson’s Station, even the growth," she says with a grin. "It's safe, people look out for each other, it is beautiful. It feels like Mayberry."

During college, Makena flourished as a makeup artist, doing product sales and educating staff on new products. "It was funny," she recalls, "because I was historically a shy person so it was odd that I went into sales.”

Upon earning her degree in business administration, accompanied by a certification in business coaching, Makena found herself struggling with imposter syndrome entering the coaching field as she had not yet established a business of her own.

But then fate intervened. Makena built an extraordinary website for her dad's business. "I've always been a creative," she explains, "from decorating my planner with washi tape to making my own sticker designs. I just love to create. Graphic arts and web design just clicked for me."

When COVID-19 brought her makeup sales career to an abrupt halt, Makena didn't waste a minute. Immersing herself in books and online courses. She devoured knowledge on copywriting, web design, strategic marketing, funnel building, and beyond  She laughs, “I spent 8 hours a day, every day, like I was a high school student.” 

In 2020, Makena decided to start her own business. Attending 18 networking events a month, she jokes, “I was everywhere." Now, Makena and her team of junior designers, assistants, and developers, enjoy helping people stand out in their field. “I'm all about making their brands shine so they can focus on what they do best," she says proudly.

No longer plagued by impostor syndrome, Makena stands confident in her ability to use her creativity to help her fellow solopreneurs.