Know Your Neighbor: Author Tammy Mezera

Magical Memories in “I Love Southern Summer Nights”

Amidst COVID, a bit of magic found its way to Thompson's Station resident Tammy Mezera. Yet the magic of this story actually started 15 years ago in a poignant Facebook post where Tammy shared about a perfect Southern summer night spent with her family. Little did she know this seemingly casual post would set the stage for an extraordinary creative journey.

Fast forward to April 2020, when a twist of fate brought Tammy's nostalgic post back to life as a Facebook memory. This time, Tammy noticed a friend's previously unseen comment suggesting something magical – turning Tammy's cherished memory into a
children's book. Despite never considering herself a writer, her love for reading stories to her nine children and ten grandchildren inspired her to give it a try.

Determined, Tammy wrote out the memories of that magical evening, and by the end of April, she had an encouraging start to her tale. The true magic unfolded in late May when Tammy shared her draft with her church friend, Elizabeth Hoffman, over coffee at
the Frothy Monkey. Loving the magic of this children's book, Elizabeth graciously set aside writing her own book, Here I’m Happy, to contribute invaluable details and bring the story to life with her enchanting illustrations.

A year later, their magic materialized into the self-published gem, I Love Southern Summer Nights. This heartwarming story, accompanied by Elizabeth's captivating illustrations, has touched the hearts of both adults and children alike. Born from a simple Facebook memory, this delightful tale has now transformed into a published children's book, celebrating the pure joys found in Southern summer nights.

You can find I Love Southern Summer Nights on Amazon, eagerly awaiting readers of all ages to bask in its enchanting magic.

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