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KNOW Your VALUE, Roars This Life Strategist

Media Personality/Fashionista/Fitness Guru Monica Adams Quentin Builds a New Community

Monica Adams Quentin

Find the way to happiness, no matter what it takes, is the sage advice of Monica Adams Quentin, Today In St. Louis anchor/reporter for KSDK Channel 5 and certified personal trainer. She adds, "Find a way to smile and laugh today. Let your laughter burst out. It's the 'music of the soul!'"

Monica is indeed following her own recommendation, by side-stepping from her morning shift post at KSDK-TV as of Jan. 6, to work as a full-time, personal transformation consultant, including fitness, fashion and media-based facets.  

"It's about balancing life within the power triangle of mental, spiritual and physical components. Everyone should know their value. Set your intentions each morning. Work toward your goals. And count gratitudes each night," says this energetic enterpriser who decided the time was right to follow her heart by collaborating with others who also 'walk her walk' and 'talk her talk.'

Cue up the ever-popular line from the 1956-1968 TV game show To Tell the Truth:  Will the real Monica Adams stand up? Right on cue, the real Monica is always accessible. She says people frequently comment about how down-to-earth and authentic she is when they meet her or work with her. "It was ingrained in me during my childhood to be real and honest," confirms this St. Louis native whose new URL reflects this same sentiment. 

"After so many years of getting up at 1:30 or 2 a.m., I'm looking forward to being part of things I was missing out on, starting with spending time with my husband and our three dogs," Monica says.


Personalized, Boutique Fitness 

From being in the fitness industry for 20-plus years, Monica learned the art of honing goals. She attended the University of Missouri-Columbia to study exercise science and athletic training. However, at 19 years old, she says she was told she had a massive blood clot and had to be monitored for two years. "In that time, I turned even more to health and fitness. I'd always been an athlete, having played soccer, softball and basketball, and been in track and field." She became an official personal trainer in 1999.

Now, she says she's planning customized retreats, while collaborating with owners of Le Champ de Fleurs, formerly known as Stone Soup Cottage, in Cottleville. This 33-acre farm is a respite for culinary health and wellness.

"I've been leading a transformational journey group for the past two years, which has been private until now. I'll work with a larger group in the future, including providing recipes and other inspiring factors. I'm also working with fitness facilities to provide semi-private or private fitness classes," Monica reveals. 

She says she likes fitness classes with 15 participants or less, so she can have her eyes on everyone she's affecting, and so no one feels lost or falls aside. "I love to see those aha moments in people's faces when I adjust something they're doing and they realize what it's supposed to really feel like in their bodies," she admits, adding that she's already directing transformations at Force Performance in Brentwood and Mark Anthony's in Kirkwood.

Fashion Stylist

Her years of privately styling men, often while working with Bachrach Menswear or Bespoke Apparel in Clayton, now will be extended to women, too. She says she's happy to help people identify what's missing in their wardrobes or determine the proper colors to wear. Her premise for concierge styling and custom clothing partially stems from watching her mother meticulously work as a seamstress. 

Life Coach For Personal Journeys

Monica says she likes to imagine how her last second on Earth would be spent. "That type of vision makes you think deeper about how you live life, and how others perceive you. Each day God gives us is holy and a precious gift from Him. We should enjoy it fully. Joy is powerful."

She says she especially likes teaching people how to journal for personal reflections.

Motivational Speaking

Monica wants to talk with others about getting down to business, meeting goals and changing their lives, harkening to her fondness of her radio days. "You've got to speak your truth and do all the work to really achieve balance in life, which is so unbelievably short."

Post-pandemic, mental health has taken center stage, reflects Monica. "I'm glad mental health issues are out in the open. It's given us a new lease on life to speak, feel and trust. We should definitely discuss life and inspire each other. Thinking about what we can even accomplish through podcasts and YouTube lights me up."

  • Monica with St. Louis Blues Player, Chris Pronger at Bespoke Apparel