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Knowing Eden Prairie’s Needs

40-Year-Old Community Foundation Gets Dollars to Where They’re Needed Most

“Learn and act” might be the shortest summary of what the nonprofit Eden Prairie Community Foundation is all about.

It applies to the Foundation’s daily effort to understand the needs and gaps facing Eden Prairie residents, and its work to fill those needs and gaps.

When it became clear in 2020 that COVID-19 would create urgent needs in Eden Prairie, the Foundation stepped up. It created the COVID-19 Response Fund, raised more than $75,000, and issued quick-response grants for food, counseling, rental assistance, and much more.

When it became apparent that Eden Prairie has teens who need support and young adults who have no permanent housing, the Foundation raised money to help launch two new organizations: Eden Prairie TreeHouse for teens and Onward Eden Prairie for homeless young people.

Another grant of $9,000 tackled the long waiting list of local families needing beds.

“We were able to buy 59 beds, and I figure that’s about 90 people who are now off the floor because of that,” Cindy Eddy, executive director and founder of The PROP Shop, said about the grant.

That expertise to know Eden Prairie's biggest needs and act to fill them is exactly why local leaders launched the Foundation 40 years ago, in 1981.

It also makes the Foundation an easy choice for generous residents and businesses who want to give back to Eden Prairie. You don’t need to know Eden Prairie’s biggest needs or which organization is tackling each need. The Foundation does that for you, and ensures that your donation will have a big impact.

“Today the Foundation is, some 40 years later, still a vital part of this community, and a growing part,” said Roy Terwilliger, one of the founders. “It’s one that people here are looking to for leadership, and direction, and providing the right type of things to make a community spectacular – which Eden Prairie is.”

The Foundation is currently seeking support for its granting and other work. If you would like to donate, go to the Foundation’s website Gifts of any size will help. You can even donate stock, or leave a gift in your will or estate.

You can also support the Foundation by attending its September 11th craft beer festival, known as Prairie Brewfest, at Purgatory Creek Park in Eden Prairie. Details are on the Foundation website.

You may also contact Foundation Executive Director Mark Weber at or (952) 949-8499.