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Kona Grill

America’s Favorite Grill

Eden Prairie is a cosmopolitan suburb. We have sushi that Tokyoites would nod approvingly at. We have steak any Texas oil man would dig. We have craft cocktails that would look right at home on a silver tray in the Hamptons. Why, we even have all these creature comforts in the same upscale casual restaurant. I bet you can guess which one.

Kona Grill is a hip joint – not the kind that aches when it’s about to rain, but the good kind, with stylish, contemporary decor and blue accent lighting that sheds a certain intriguing, sophisticated, bluish ambiance across the dining room.

“This is the height of vibe dining,” said Miranda Hunter, general manager of Kona Grill. “The swankiest restaurant in the southwest metro by a mile, complete with live DJ music until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Whether you come with your family, your friends, a date, a client, or alone, you’ll know you’ve arrived the instant you walk through our door. And once you’ve dined with us, you’ll want to arrive again real soon.”

First Course: Sushi

Little slices of fish that glisten like stained glass. Rolls arranged so prettily that upsetting their arrangement feels almost felonious. These are patents of the prowess of Kona Grill’s sushi chefs – the best in their class, with skills honed as sharply as their knives.

“If you eat fish at Kona Grill, then it must have arrived fresh in our kitchen that same morning,” said Miranda. “Our chefs cut strips right off the filets, prepare them with any number of our 42 house-made sauces, and present them with greater artistry than I’ll ever fully understand. A sushi chef is a magician who works with fish instead of white rabbits.”

Kona Grill serves all of sushi’s greatest hits. Purists can have their sashimi and traditional rolls. The more adventurous are rewarded with specialty rolls like the fire dragon, which is made with a delicate balance of shrimp tempura, avocado, jalapeño, freshwater eel, furikake and eel sauce, and finally finished at the table by the ignition of a judicious splash of Everclear. 

On the off chance that you aren’t specifically craving lightly caramelized eel sauce, try the Yamada roll – recently reimagined with lobster salad and tuna instead of sea bass. And if you prefer the British approach to fish, Kona Grill’s fresh cut and fried cod with chips will delight.

Second Course: Steak

“We’re just as particular about steaks and chops as we are fish,” said Miranda. “Our beef is exclusively sourced from Midwest Angus cattle, with the exception of our Wagyu which is raised in Australia. Whether you choose our classic New York strip, our hand-carved Big Island ribeye, or our prime rib au togarashi jus, you’re going to get a five-star steakhouse’s best cut of meat.”

In a brilliant move, Kona Grill has abandoned the frustrating steakhouse tradition of treating side dishes like luxury add-ons. “All of our steaks are served with potatoes,” explained Miranda, “and for $9 more, you can add an additional side like mac and cheese, seasonal vegetables, pretzel rolls and butter, or sweet chili green beans, among others (unless you opt for our surf and turf, which comes with your choice of shrimp skewer, crab Oscar, or a lobster roll for just $3 more). You can also perfect your steak with one of our signature butters, which we’ll finish right at your table with a blowtorch.”

Dessert: Perfection

Folks, I have traveled the world from St. Cloud to Rochester, and I have yet to discover any desserts better than the following: chocolate cake, carrot cake, butter cake, cheesecake and brownies. Is it coincidence that Kona Grill serves each and every one of these exquisite delicacies? Not at all. They’re in the exquisite delicacy business.

What’s the best part of lunch? That’s right – the brownie. You get one to take back to the office if you stop by Kona Grill for a 45-minute power lunch, with soup and a sandwich or sushi roll. As you’re already well aware, no amount of precaution can protect a brownie in a company break room. Keep your takeout brownie under close supervision until you can properly attend to it. Tell your boss you need a safe installed in your office, but be vague about the reason why.

Drinks: I Think I Will, Thank You

The watermelon margarita, with Lunazul tequila, Monin watermelon syrup and lime. The purple envy, with Botanist gin, lavender and lemonade. The patio bubbles, with New Amsterdam mango vodka, La Marca prosecco, and fresh mango, raspberry and lemon. The Midtown Manhattan, with Bulleit bourbon, passion fruit and sweet vermouth. 

While arguably not best enjoyed in one sitting, such delicious and restorative cocktails are all testaments to the mastery of Kona Grill’s mixologists.

The best time to join Kona for a drink? Any time. Saké shots, Kona Big Wave golden ale drafts and Truly Hard Seltzers are just $3 during happy hour. Seven flavors of Kona-mosas are served during weekend brunch – a world of possibilities to accompany your grilled ribeye and eggs, macadamia nut French toast, or Kona Loco seared Spam sandwich (served in the original can, no less).

I love Kona Grill. And you will too! Simply visit 11997 Singletree Lane in Eden Prairie, order takeout or delivery at (952) 941-3262, or whet your appetite by visiting

Email Miranda at for an invitation to Kona Grill’s next Instagram influencer menu tasting!

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