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15. Silymarin CF

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Holiday Gift Guide

Shop local and bring the sparkle to your gift giving this festive season

1. Neck Stack:  Worn alone or together, diamond choker, lariat, and an old-school herringbone necklace are all essential building blocks for a Korman Girl’s neck.

2. Diamond Tennis Bracelet: Nothing is a more timeless gift. This jewelry box staple is a gift that won't leave her wrist and be passed down for generations.

3. Walter’s Faith Collection: Engravable rose gold chains, pave diamonds and stunning rock crystal pendants from Korman’s newest designer are a gift of effortless luxury.

4. Piranesi Flower Earrings: A gift of elegance and style, these are the pop of color on every girl’s wish list!

5. Ear Candy: An earring collection is never truly complete! Give an experience too and throw in an appointment at a Korman piercing party for the ultimate gift duo.

6. The Kite Ring: Korman can make any diamond dream come true. Call or text 512-451-9292 and the team can help you find the perfect ring.


More local picks and luscious gifts we love...

7. Casa Zuma Gathering Board: One of our favorites from Casa Zuma, a new lifestyle brand by Camille Styles that also includes vases, mugs and more.

8. Blue Suede Shoes + Wine Holiday Gift Boxes: A trio of gift boxes, all with gift cards for shoes, champagne and more ranging from $75-$200.

9. Books from Brooke Rodd: From a cookbook to coffee table book, books are a spectacular gift and the tables at Brooke Rodd will have you wanting to buy many of them.

10. Recess Pickleball Set: Find the most fashionable paddles at Neighborhood Goods a one-stop shop for fun local gifts from skin care to sustainable clothing and gold jewelry.

11. Deuxmoon delights: Inspired by the lavender fields of Texas, two Austin sisters have invented a blend of essential oil products to bring nature into your bathroom, including their Ritual Centering Mist, $18, and Ritual Moonbath Soaking Crystals, $24.

12. Hive+Honey biodegradable bamboo towelettes: Scented with geranium, grapefruit and pepper, just add an ounce of water to stay fresh and fragrant after exercise or travel. $14 for 10, at

13. Alvies: Handmade classic Rio Grande corded cowhide boots are now available in a snowy white - just in time for the festive season. $315,

14. Wild Heart Yoga gift card: Give the gift of yoga, connection, and peace this holiday season... the perfect way to help refill a loved one's cup after the holiday rush!

15. Silymarin CF is the latest breakthrough antioxidant vitamin C serum that combines powerful ingredients to improve clarity and fine lines, highly recommended by skincare guru Dr. Barbarino.  $169

16. Fuego's Professional Grill is award-winning, sleekly-designed, and has 3-in-1 grilling capabilities (a grill, pizza oven and griddle!), the perfect present for the keen chef in your family. $499.00

17. Woodlands Winter Box is the perfect gift for the non-planner in your life. Women-owned ReadyFestive delivers unique, personalized decorations straight to your loved one’s door.  $69.00 – $159.00

18. Pura Fragrance Diffusers just launched new scents made in collaboration with must-have brands like LAFCO to make your home feel super cozy for hibernating nights. From $44

  • 2. Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • 5. Ear Candy
  • 4. Piranesi Flower Earrings
  • Part of the Walter's Faith collection
  • 3. Part of the Walters Faith collection
  • 1. Necklace Stack
  • 6. Kite Ring
  • 7. Casa Zuma Gathering Board
  • 8. Blue Suede Shoes + Wine Holiday Gift Boxes
  • 9.  Books from Brooke Rodd
  • 11. Choice Bracelet
  • 12. Hive+Honey towelettes
  • 13. Alvies cowboy boots
  • 10. Recess Pickleball at Neighborhood Goods
  • 14. Wild Heart Yoga gift card
  • 15. Silymarin CF
  • 5. Ear Candy
  • 4. Piranesi Flower Earrings
  • 3. Walter's Faith Collection
  • 17.  Woodlands Winter Box
  • 18. Pura Festive Scents