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Kunjani World Coffeehouse

Kunjani Keeps Giving a Three-Bean Blend Espresso to Parker

Tucked away in a pocket of Parker off Lincoln and Jordan Road, Kimberlee Bell can be found hugging her children as they work alongside each other at Kunjani World Coffeehouse, which she’s owned since 2018. 

While Kimberlee isn’t a Parker resident, she feels at home cultivating her coffee shop here. She values her loyal customers and their familiar exchange. “…we know a lot of our customers and we know their drinks and their names, it’s very community oriented…” says Kimberlee.

Before Kimberlee owned Kunjani, she was a stay at home mom. She’s a professional drummer and previously owned a music business. A few years ago she was looking for cafés because she wanted to start a business and help it grow – Kunjani was for sale. 

Kunjani is unique because their espresso is a special three-bean blend that, according to Kimberlee, no one else offers. “Everything is hand-crafted, so we have to know exactly what we’re doing to get the right taste.” From beans to chairs, she loves the atmosphere they brew and intends to expand it in a variety of ways. Kimberlee’s love of Jazz will be integrated into the setting. She also plans to add a beer and wine bar as well as a fenced patio in the hopes of crafting a speakeasy vibe to Kunjani.

“I just want a place where people can hang out and have a drink, and it’s mellow,” says Kimberlee.

More important than the cosmetic changes, Kimberlee’s main goals for the future is to help others. She seeks to “...establish business enterprises for at risk youth and survivors of sex trafficking.” Her plan is to help different programs in Denver and beyond. “We’re a business with a mission and a purpose…we want a beautiful, comfortable place for people to do business, create, chat, hangout and relax,” says Kimberlee Bell.