Kylee's Konfections

A Sweet Success Story

At just 12 years old, Kylee has already made a name for herself as the talented owner of Kylee’s Konfectionary. In February, Kylee earned the prestigious Youth Achievement Award at the Black Entrepreneurs of the Flint Hills inaugural gala. Inspired by her parents' culinary skills and captivating baking videos on YouTube, Kylee's ambition to become a professional chef and baker fueled her desire to embark on this entrepreneurial journey.

From the beginning, Kylee’s parents have supported her business ambitions with one important caveat: “In our house, school work always comes first,” says Jakara, Kylee’s mom. Jakara has been alongside Kylee every step of her business journey, encouraging her creativity and managing the social media presence for Kylee’s Konfectionary, which displays photos of Kylee’s repertoire of sweet treats.

The busiest time for Kylee's business is Valentine's Day, when she creates delectable chocolate-covered strawberries and breakable hearts: heart-shaped chocolate boxes designed to be cracked open, revealing delightful candies within. Her customers rave about the taste, quality, and presentation of her creations.

Looking to the future, Kylee hopes to expand her offerings to include cupcakes, cookies, and more. The young entrepreneur also has excellent advice for kids who want to start their own business: “I would tell them to start small, don’t rush it, [and] just be patient with it. You’ll get better as the time goes on.”

You can order your own delicious confections by emailing or messaging Kylee's Konfectionery on Facebook.

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