Labor of Love B.E. STRONG

Unique Exercise Program Aims to Harmonize Brain, Mind and Body

When you first meet Calvin and Gezell Fleming and get a glimpse into their life’s work, you quickly realize they are on to something very special. The couple, in their 60s and arguably operating at peak performance, are the owners of Labor of Love B.E. STRONG, a boutique exercise and wellness studio located in Waxhaw at 3909 Providence Road South, Suite C. 

Calvin is a master martial artist and Gezell, a certified life coach. More than a decade ago they opened Labor of Love B.E. STRONG, specializing in a holistic approach to fitness and wellness. Whether you are recovering from a traumatic physical injury or emotional experience or wanting to improve balance, range of motion or core stability, there is something for everyone.

“Our sessions are tailored for each client based on their own individual needs and goals,” explains Calvin. “The program is centered around feeling better, younger and more relaxed as well as decreasing stress and anxiety and improving your quality of sleep. Many clients tell us they can feel a difference even after just one session.”

Beneficial Exercise (B.E.) is a proprietary program developed by Calvin and Gezell. The program focuses on balance, core stability, body flexibility, joint mobility and posture. Customized movements help to strengthen joints including ankles, shoulders, knees and hips. Specialized exercises work to align and support the spine. The studio also offers a variety of services focused on stress relief and boosting immunity including light therapy, an oxygen bar, massage and aromatherapy to name a few.

Labor of Love B.E. STRONG was developed after Gezell was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), a rare cancer of the blood, in 2003. “Based on my background in eastern therapies and Taekwondo, I knew I needed to create something that would help turn this situation around for my wife,” Calvin explains. “That is when ideas for our business really took hold. I credit the program with contributing to Gezell being cancer-free today.” Gezell explains that as a couple they want to give others hope. “I decided that I am going to live. I feel better than ever and we want people to know that no matter how bad your health is, you can feel better.” 

With a focus on both preventative and restorative therapies, clients often experience improvements in sleep, circulation, focus, memory, coordination, balance and range of motion. Many see a reduction when it comes to incidents such as stress, pain, muscle fatigue and falls. 

In response to COVID-19, the studio has policies in place to ensure clients are safe. There are temperature checks, masks are required and equipment is disinfected after each visit. The Flemings say the studio’s air filtration system has been upgraded and only one client is allowed inside at a time. “Our studio is one of the safest places you can be outside of your own home,” adds Gezell. 

Labor of Love B.E. STRONG does not require a membership. Clients can request a free 30-minute coaching consult and then can simply sign up for the package that meets their needs. The couple explains that often the results they see are life-changing. “One of our clients had a brain injury and within a few visits we helped retrain her brain to restore her balance,” explains Calvin. “We change the trajectory when it comes to health and independence. You can’t replace that - we give people their lives back.”

Visit to learn more about all service offerings or to book an initial assessment. To make an appointment by phone, call 704.847.5635.

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