Ladies Leadership Luncheon

August 10th, Del Mar Restaurant, 5th Avenue

In a spirited celebration of the businesswomen who graced the city of Naples, the third event in our Ladies Leadership Luncheon series promised to be both intellectually invigorating and socially enriching. City Lifestyle Naples, in collaboration with esteemed Garramone Plastic Surgery, cordially invited attendees to an event that embodied the essence of progression, camaraderie, and empowerment.

Anchored by the principles of "Learn. Grow. Launch & Connect," the luncheon series is a beacon of inspiration for women of all professional walks.

The event unfolded its narrative of empowerment at the elegant Del Mar restaurant on 5th Avenue, where the ambiance itself reflected the sophistication and aspiration of the event's attendees. A delicious lunch, curated to perfection, delighted the palate and provided a conducive setting for the exchange of ideas, stories, and aspirations. 

Central to the event's charm were the eminent speakers who graced the podium, imparting their insights and expertise across a spectrum of topics. The meticulously crafted schedule offered a holistic experience that kept attendees engaged and enlightened.

We were delighted to host Summer and Megan from Southwest Florida's Blue Zones Project and Amy and Kristin of BMO Wealth Management, who educated the crowd regarding their respective fields.

The event's allure extended beyond the confines of the itinerary, with ample time provided for networking before and after the event.  The Ladies Leadership Luncheon was a celebration of ambition, determination, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. It stood as a platform where the stories of trailblazers merged, where connections were forged, and where aspirations were catalyzed into action. As the sun set on this remarkable gathering, attendees carried with them not just memories of a beautiful lunch, but a tapestry of ideas and inspirations that undoubtedly shaped the next chapter of their leadership journeys.

We hope you will follow along and join us for the next Ladies Leadership Luncheon.  Please visit our social media @napleslifestylemag to stay up to date on the latest City Lifestyle Naples events.

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