Dr. Laura McChesney

Be grateful every day and share that good energy with others

Dr. Laura had been an associate doctor at the chiropractic and injury practice for four years when the owner decided to retire. Having been in an auto accident herself and knowing well the physical and emotional stress of recovery, she had instantly fallen in love with the challenge of helping people get their life back. So, when the opportunity arose in November 2021, she jumped at the chance to take over the practice. Studies show as much as 50% of auto accident patients end up with chronic pain and Dr. Laura has made it her personal mission to help Gainesville and the surrounding communities achieve better recovery results. Since then, she has continued to expand the ways she could treat injuries of all kinds. In addition to auto accidents, she sees many athletes including equestrians, weightlifters, runners, and contact sports.

Over the years of treating patients a few things are consistently true. Those that actively participate in their health do better. Our goal at NFRC is to help you get your life back, meaning, you may still have discomfort or limitations, but you can still find ways to enjoy the things that make you happy. You don’t have to quit riding the horse, playing golf, or playing with your kids. You just need to make non-negotiable time to take care of yourself for a few minutes a day. Staying hydrated, improving your diet, meditation, asking questions about posture, exercise, mobility, supplements…and then actually applying the recommendations. Little changes add up to big results. That extra glass of water morning and night. Moving every hour. Stretching. Proper workstation set up. Adding greens to your day. Taking care of your spinal health. If you have time to be on social media, you have time to take better care of yourself.

For Dr. Laura, who was raised a patient of chiropractic and has always been a proponent of conservative care for a healthier life, she had enjoyed helping chronic pain patients manage their conditions and lessen their discomfort through adjustments and education. But her WHY moment struck when a patient came in after an accident, almost crawling after having been discharged from the emergency room, and was able to walk out nearly upright after one treatment that she truly knew her calling. The patient went on to make a wonderful recovery by the end of the rehab care plan and could resume all usual activities. The ability to get people back on their feet faster, to lessen economic and emotional hardships, lessen the need for medications and delay degeneration and surgeries in a population that is destined to fall victim to those without proper treatment is what drives her each day.

For Dianna, who was stepping into a new service-oriented career after retirement, it was that first face-to-face encounter with severely injured patients and seeing how our caring environment and personalized, hands-on care restored their smile. It really made a world of difference for that person and so many since then. Helping people has always been at the center of her life and it feels good to have found a new way to contribute.

Allie, our Puplick Relations Officer, has found joy in bringing smiles to distraught patients and those who need a pick me up. She is always ready to provide puppy snuggles and nub wags. Both Dianna and Allie have embraced their new roles in brightening the day of others.

Andy Frisella says it best, “Things to never budge on: Your work ethic. Your quality of work. Your attention to detail. Your integrity. Your morals. Your drive. Treating your employees/people who help you like gold. Treating customers/patients like gold.” 

This not only goes for life goals but health goals. So many people are looking for that quick fix, that one thing they can get or be given that solves their problems, but there are none. We have to do the work. Health is a lifelong journey that begins when we draw our first breath. Whether it’s rehab after an accident, weight control, or the quest to maintain wellness, if we do the work each day, we can get where we need to be. Unfortunately, we often realize this only after we experience pain or illness, then spiral into feeling helpless. But you can change if you want to and we are grateful we get to help empower our patients in reaching for a better quality of life every day.

Dr. Laura McChesney

North Florida Rehab & Chiropractic 

(352) 375-3668

“The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you can change anything in your life.”

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