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Chelsea Haynes, Studio STL

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Lady Business: Spotlight On Dignity Period

Tackling Unmet Needs Of Menstrual Hygiene In St. Louis

1. The Period Problem

After months in Ethiopia, Dignity Period founder, Dr. Lewis Wall, discovered a dire need for menstruation products and education to decrease the 51 percent school dropout rate for girls in North Ethiopia. 

2. Not A Luxury 

Sixty-four percent of women in St. Louis cannot afford menstruation products: a basic need for those who menstruate.

3. A Sustainable Solution: Dignity Period Kits 

Kits come with a set of washable, reusable pads that can last more than a year. 

4. The Impact 

179,000 people have been supplied with free, reusable menstrual pads in Ethiopia and St. Louis. 


First, Ethiopia. Then, St. Louis. Now, Seattle. 

There's so much more work to be done! Join the mission to help end poverty for those who menstruate. Period.

  • Chelsea Haynes, Studio STL