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LaFlamme's Auto and Truck Services

Innovation and Experience Pave the Way

When a new establishment opens in town, I'm sure you're just as curious I am. I wonder about the owners, why they decided to pop up shop, and what makes them different. We love supporting new businesses, and we love telling their stories. It was so fun to talk with Jr and Sarah LaFlamme to hear more about Westfield's newest auto repair shop, LaFlamme's Auto and Truck Services.

Tell us about yourselves and your family. 

We are Jr & Sarah LaFlamme. We live in Westfield with our 2 young kids. Sarah is a Westfield native while Jr grew up in nearby Holyoke. Jr has been in the industry for over 20 years.  

How did you get into auto repair?

Jr: “I began working on cars with my uncle as a kid. I enjoyed it so much that I went to Dean Tech High School in Holyoke to learn more. I then began working at a repair shop as part of the co-op program, and I have been fine tuning my skills ever since”. 

What made you decide to take the plunge and open LaFlamme's Auto & Truck Services?

Sarah: “We both had the desire to run our own business for years. Jr was looking to move up to the next level in his career and this felt like the most fitting step.  When we were connected to the retiring owner of Trasko’s Garage, we leapt at the opportunity. We are proud to fulfill our dreams of running a shop and continue the family-owned history at this location.”

What makes LaFlamme's unique?

We are a next generation auto repair shop. We utilize technology in every facet to service the client, from contactless communication (text/email communication & invoicing) to the most up-to-date vehicle diagnostic tools. 

What do you wish residents and customers to know about you?

Although a lot of shops may tout this idea, we truly are an honest repair shop. Jr prides himself on his honesty and treats every customer like they are his family member. He will never perform unnecessary repairs. He has given second opinions to many customers who had received a different diagnosis at other shops. He was able to save these customers hundreds of dollars. 

The future is so very bright! What is the vision you see for your family and LaFlamme's Auto Repair over the next few years? 

We hope to expand the services we offer and add onto the building footprint to service our clients better. There is a large labor shortage in the automotive field. We hope to offer co-op learning opportunities to WTA Automotive Technology students, to help fill this expanding need and give the next generation the same chance that Jr was given.  

Request an appointment online 24/7 at Follow us on facebook & instagram for car maintenance tips. 

33 Fairfield Ave, Westfield