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Tips for a stress-free and fun day on the lake

How’s your summer going? If you’re like most sunscreen-wearing, kid-toting Minnesotans you’re loving it but you’re tired. Summer is the season of never-ending bucket lists and a continuous parade of long sunny days (not that we’re complaining). It goes so fast that attempting to slow down and breathe feels a little like giving it a go down a steep hill in Fred Flintstone’s car. On ice. Along with a heart full of memories to reminisce about, at the end of the summer, there’s always that little pang of guilt that wedges its way in. Did they have enough fun? Did we get it all in? Will they have heard my sweet patient voice over the one yelling, “Stop fighting”?  The good news is the season isn’t over yet and what better way to keep the fun at a high and the guilt list at a low than to spend a day on the lake! And not a ‘lame bottle of water and a steamy novel’ day on the lake, we’re talking a ‘rent a fun boat with fun toys while treating yourself to yummy, easy snacks washed down by crisp cool drinks that’ll keep everyone happy on board’ day on the lake.

What’s even better than a sun-filled day on a beautiful body of water with the people you love you ask? All the above with minimal preparation on your end. After a quick and flawless click-of-a-button reservation process, Your Boat Club will deliver your meticulously maintained dream boat of choice right to the water, so scratch ‘pick up boat’ off your to-do list. They offer pontoons, runabouts, and fishing boats for daily or multi-daily use and some are even pet friendly so tell Fido to pack his life jacket and collapsible water dish. With Your Boat Club you won’t lift a finger; call them your high-class Captain Concierge because the only things you’ll be lifting as you board are your pasty white legs and a life-jacketed kid or two. Or better yet, become a member! They have a membership level for every boat lover’s desire and they’re available at 40 beautiful locations across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Florida, so when you’re spring breaking in Punta Gorda next year, voila! And no need to worry about the kids’ enjoyment on any of these watercrafts because tubes and ropes are available to rent for a nominal fee which will get the rug rats pumped-ish to slap on the sunscreen and leave their phones at home... or at least turn them off for a while because… “pics or it didn’t happen” and all that.  

Of course, we all know that a boat is only at its most awesome when loaded with snacks and drinks. Pontoon picnics, runabout refreshments, tubing treats, whatever you want to call them, snacks are the heart and soul of a successful day of pretty much anything. In the same vein as that brown bag field trip lunch your mom packed you on the last day of school every year, the element of the “what’s in there?” surprise for the kids is just about as exciting as their first tube ride; water and wind in their hair. Blow their minds with a ’snackle box’; that’s an inexpensive tackle box turned ‘best thing ever’. Pack goldfish and pre-cut cheese cubes, grab-n-go mini beef sticks, nuts, fruit, and veggies, and dip. Maybe kick in snack-size potato chip bags and lift your one-bag-a-day ordinance because hey, it’s a special day. And don’t forget to sneak in a fruit roll-up or two because who doesn’t love a fruit roll-up (we’re looking at you, kids of the 80s). With another click of a button treat yourself to a cooler upgrade with the mother of them all, the BrüMate BrüTank Rolling Cooler; you can thank us later. Not only does this vessel extraordinaire have all-terrain wheels, but it also has compartments galore, killer accessories, and 7-day ice retention. So, once you become a Your Boat Club member, say goodbye to changing out your ice… all cabin trip long! In this rolling wingman, you’ll also have ample room for those begged-for popsicles that must consist of gold flecks based on the price and numerous refreshments of the juice box variety. And for the 21+ crowd, there’s a removable drink tank with a built-in tap and bottle opener…just sayin’.

Many have a love/hate relationship with summer. It’s planning, it’s driving, it’s kids home, it’s loud, it’s chaotic but man, is it fun. It’s a break in the monotony, warm sun on our faces, sleeping in (just the kids, obvs), and simply extra time with those we hold dear. Turns out DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince were right when they proclaimed, “Summer, summer, summertime, time to sit back and unwind.” It just hits differently when you’re an adult, doesn’t it? If the idea of an easy breezy day on a crystal blue lake, the sun shining, snacks in hand, and drinking out of the Brad Pitt of coolers with your best people, is your idea of summer madness then this day is for you. If you’re up for a stretch break from your pristine pontoon to visit the infamous Coney Island or interested in laying back and getting some color on those legs while the kids take turns on the “the swing” (you know the one) reach out to Your Boat Club today. Their tagline suitably expressed, “Our Boats, Your Fun” is a catchy and generous one. Maybe as you take in the lake air with echoing laughter in your ear, you might think of your own mantra. How about lake life is the best life, and I deserve it.

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