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Escape To The Lake With Texas Homes And Land Realtor

Lake Texoma is known as the “Playground of the Southwest” attracting millions of visitors each year. Texas Homes and Land realtor, Coryann Johnson, is no stranger to Lake Texoma as she and her family have enjoyed lake life for many years. During the warmer months and summer season, you can find Coryann and her family at her property in the Cedar Mills Marina community. 

Beginning Memorial Day through the early fall, Coryann is at the lake practically every weekend. “We spend a lot of time on the lake and enjoy it there,” she says. “The time that we spend at Lake Texoma as a family with cousins and grandchildren is so special. We just love being outdoors on the lake creating special memories,” Coryann continues.

Coryann and her husband, Jeff, appreciate the slower pace and relaxed life of Lake Texoma away from the “rat race of the city.” And you can’t really visit the lake without a boat, so naturally, the Johnson’s have one. In fact, they have “all the toys” according to Coryann -- a fishing boat, surf boat, and jet skis allowing the family to enjoy the lake in every way possible for whatever activity they desire.

Like many of the millions of people who visit each year, Coryann and her family also like to fish at Lake Texoma. Lake Texoma is infamous for the enormous striped bass, largemouth bass, crappies and abundant, sizeable catfish. It is the fishing that keep Coryann and Jeff coming to the lake long after the summer months end, throughout the fall. She notes it is one of their favorite hobbies and interests. “My escape is the lake,” Coryann affirms. It’s where she can relax, experience breathtaking nature, and break free from the stress of everyday life.

Besides the beauty and love of the lake, Coryann appreciates the Texoma community, deep with friendly people and families. She confirms, “The whole Texoma area is full of people who are welcoming and make you feel at home.” And while the region is developing in and around the lake, Coryann is gratified by how the community adapts to the growth with good city planning but still maintaining the small-town feel. While there are substantial changes ensuing around the lake and in the Texoma region, Coryann contends, “There is a positive side of the growth as it provides more commerce and more enjoyment for the area.”

As the owner of Texas Homes and Land real estate, Coryann has direct knowledge of land developments in the region. It is her desire to assist people in finding their “escape” in the Texoma area, experiencing the love for the lake and region that she adores. A realtor for over twenty-eight years, Coryann knows the Texoma and North Texas area. She has newly renovated office buildings in both Collinsville and Celina allowing a greater focus on servicing people in Grayson, Collin, Denton, Cooke and surrounding counties. Coryann and her real estate team feel “blessed to sell in this rural area” successfully supporting families in finding acreage, horse properties, hunting ranches, and farms.

Coryann observes that people’s interest in wanting to move out of the big cities for a country and lake lifestyle continues to flourish. Now is the time to buy land, according to Coryann, as the region will only continue to develop driving prices up with demand. “It’s time to buy now,” says Coryann. “The whole North Texas and Texoma area is prime and is a good market.” 

When not at Lake Texoma, Coryann Johnson and her husband enjoy their farm and ranch life on their land in Collinsville. Having lived on a farm and ranch for over twenty years has provided immense experience for her real estate business. She is very active in Grayson county including attending church at First Baptist Collinsville. In addition, she volunteers her time serving on the local Chamber of Commerce, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and the Economic Development Commission.

Nevertheless, nothing compares to her time at Lake Texoma. Having grown up in North Texas and raised her family also in the area, Coryann Johnson is no stranger to the abundant land, real estate market, and the natural beauty of Lake Texoma. For Coryann, she knows why it is called the “Playground of the Southwest” as there is so much to do and enjoy on the lake. There’s simply no better sanctuary from city life. It is a place near and dear to her heart.

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