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Sunset Point offers views to the south and west over Lake Grapevine.

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Lakefront Legacy

From the vision of an airport and a lake, came the Lakeside Village journey

In 1973 the founder of Lakeside Village, Peter P. Stewart, bought 106 acres in Flower Mound. “He was a visionary in a lot of different regards,” says David, Peter Stewart's son and one of the two siblings who are partners in the Lakeside project. “The vision for this property rose out of the sale of the property on Dallas North Parkway. Through his travels, he understood the importance of merging the lake and the airport. He felt, even back in the 70s and 80s, that DFW had a great future as the hub of the North American continent. He was endlessly preaching about that. He knew what he saw and he was bound and determined that people buy into that vision.” 

The town of Flower Mound grew threefold between 1990 and 2000, and when David and his older brother Peter got involved in the family business during this time, the vision shifted slightly towards “what we saw as a much more marketable use, which is the residential use along the lake,” says David. 

Over the years, Lakeside struggled and grew through the highs of expansion and a growing customer base and the lows of the economic recession and bankruptcy. Their growing relationship with the people of Flower Mound and their love of the community eventually spoke louder than words. And the Lakeside as we know it began its mixed-use development, combining elements of the residential, office spaces, dining and community spaces into one location. 

“We're very public-minded. We're very proud that we've worked to [make] it residential, but also adhering to the principle that we should keep the lakefront open to the public. There are some real estate schools of thought that would say, ‘Hey, you can make more money if you privatize that lake view and just keep it for a few people.’ And we always believed in the public-spirited nature of saying, ‘Hey, we want everyone to see. Make this view of nature accessible to the community.’”

Now comes 2024, the year that Lakeside transforms from Lakeside DFW to Lakeside Villages and truly merges to become more than just a landmark, but a tourist destination made for everyone. “Anyone who's moved [to DFW] or grew up here like we did,” David says, “when they have visitors, it's tough to pick out the best places to show them and say, ‘this is what Dallas and Fort Worth are all about.’ [but Lakeside Village] will be a place that showcases some of the best nature in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.”

The glory of Lakeside Village is its multifaceted aspects. The dynamic of a residential and sense of home and community blend with the shopping and business aspects. But adding to the dimension is its openness. Lakeside Village is opening its arms even wider for the community surrounding it to find quiet and peace, unique shopping, delicious eats, and live music. Nestled next to Lake Grapevine, it has something for everyone, David explains, “It's made for everybody, young and old, wealthy and not wealthy. Everyone who's human loves to view nature's vastness and nature's beauty. And I think this is a unique spot to see miles and miles of natural, uncivilized nature.” Afterall, how many areas do you often find in DFW that combine the ability to be near to the hustle and bustle of the city and yet still find “a view that is largely uncivilized with very few signs of man.”

  • The Mediterranean Villas on Village Lane
  • Sunset Point offers views to the south and west over Lake Grapevine.
  • A rendering looking west over the Lakeside Amphitheater from the sidewalk along Sunset Blvd.
  • Andres Duany’s plan for The Village of Lakeside in 1994 of multi-story buildings above set along a lakefront.
  • The Stewart brothers with their dad, 2010: Alan Stewart, Peter P. Stewart, David Stewart, and Peter B. Stewart.
  • Lakeside develops but the Recession makes things difficult.
  • Lakeside Village’s expansion will offer  single-family villas along with luxury high-rise leasing options with lake views