Lakeside Decking Transforms Outdoor Living Spaces Year-Round

One local company is building custom decks even in the frigid cold

Have you been thinking about finally getting a deck built but feel like you missed your opportunity this year? You’re in luck! The Lakeside Decking Company of Wayzata doesn’t stop building decks just because it starts to snow. They build decks all year round, even in the winter. 

Lakeside Decking, formerly Garage Shop Designs, is a local business serving Lake Minnetonka and surrounding areas. CEO and Founder Josh Ferri started the business from his garage in 2016, primarily doing cabinetry, custom furniture, and woodworking. As he gained notoriety, more and more customers started asking about decks, and it wasn’t long before Lakeside Decking was born.

With a crew of four and an adorable four-legged head of operations named Woody, Lakeside Decking prides itself on bringing custom decks to life. Each deck is built with the same four pillars: design, precision, strength, and beauty. 

The design, precision, and beauty are definitely a reflection of Ferri’s past woodworking experience. “I used to do things on a much smaller scale that needed to be very precise. I’ve translated that into deck building… because we can add unique woodworking details that others don’t think of when they’re building large scale,” he said.

The team’s strength is especially prevalent as the winter season begins to take hold. Most Minnesotans wouldn’t think about scheduling a deck build in the winter, but Ferri said it is one of the best times in terms of scheduling as you wouldn’t normally be using the deck during those months anyway. In fact, he said waiting until summer to schedule your deck build typically ends up with longer wait times and cutting into holiday plans.

“The worst time to have a deck built is in July. For instance, while the weather is nice in the summer, it’s inconvenient if you lose your deck for the Fourth of July. The decks we do tend to be more long-form and intricate, and we can be at a client’s house anywhere from two weeks to two months… so why not have that missed deck time during the winter?” Ferri said.

And building a deck in the winter isn’t much different than in the summer, according to Ferri. He said Lakeside Decking takes different precautions due to the way materials expand and contract in cold temperatures, but the process is overall the same since the footings they use are engineered and can be installed in the frozen ground.

And if you’re worried about working with a small company, Ferri says that’s actually what makes his team unique. “I’m on the job site every day. So if you need something, you just step outside your back door, and we’re there working. I think that gives people peace of mind when considering the dollars they’re spending.”

When it comes to building a deck that will fit your family’s needs and lasts a lifetime, Lakeside Decking is the team to do it. They offer lifetime warranties on their craftsmanship and work closely with TimberTech, their decking manufacturer, and with local family-owned lumber yards to supply the materials and ensure quality communication every step of the way. So why wait until summer to schedule your deck build when winter is clearly the better option?

Each deck is built with the same four pillars: design, precision, strength, and beauty. 

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