Land and Sea in San José del Cabo

Embrace the natural elements in this luxury wellness destination.

You can never go wrong vacationing in Los Cabos, but building a connection to the destination’s fertile land and glistening waters during your stay is bound to provide you with a more authentic and meaningful experience. San José del Cabo, the tranquil and artistic cousin of Cabo San Lucas, is full of the most exquisite opportunities to do so.

Dream in paradise

Base yourself out of the illustrious Viceroy Los Cabos, a five-star oceanfront resort just five minutes from the heart of downtown San José del Cabo. Rather than lawn, pavement, or even sand, crystal clear pools called “espejos de agua” (“water mirrors”) cover the property grounds as a way to “take the horizon and bring it into the foreground,” according to architect, Miguel Angel Aragonés. The clean, crisp white buildings that house 194 modern guestrooms look as if they’re floating on the water, with the resort’s focal point being NIDO, a Japanese/Mexican fusion restaurant located within a nest-like structure expertly crafted out of local branches.

Farm fresh indulgence

Enjoy meals throughout San José del Cabo that are prepared with the freshest, local ingredients. Dining at the source is particularly marvelous: Flora Farms, ACRE, and Tamarindos are all lush, organic farms bustling with activities (live music, cooking classes, and more) that offer creatively designed dishes and drinks for visitors to feast on. In town, upscale restaurants like Don Sanchez and SAGE promise to be amongst your all-time best meals abroad.

Take to the sea

Once declared “the world’s aquarium” by famed explorer Jacques Cousteau, the Sea of Cortez is a world-class destination for sailing, snorkeling and diving, and deep-sea fishing. Enjoy a private sailing aboard the 55 ft. Pelican Cabo, where you can sip bubbly while watching the sun set over El Arco, Cabo’s stunning rock formation. For a longer and more lavish time on the water, charter a yacht, like the 130 ft. Westport “Rule No. 1,” through BookBaja. Available for eight hours or a full week, the sleek boat comes equipped with everything you’d need on or in the water.

Jenny Hart is an American travel writer and advisor based in Mexico. She specializes in writing about and planning travel to Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. Connect with her on Instagram at @jennyjhart.

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