Charlotte to Vegas: The Ultimate Day Trip or A Complete Vacation Getaway

Article by Carol Long, Roni Fishkin, Valorie McAlpin

Photography by Carol Long, Roni Fishkin, Valorie McAlpin

Originally published in South Charlotte City Lifestyle

Las Vegas has always been a tourist hot spot, but recently Charlotteans have discovered the potential low airfare prices combined with a travel industry on the rebound from COVID shutdowns and restrictions now offer to make “Sin City” the perfect destination for those looking for a short respite from their usual routine to those looking for new cultures to explore or those seeking adventure in a completely different setting.

Read on for some helpful travel trips for how you can make the trip to Vegas you’ve always dreamed of while making the most of your time there to ensure an experience you’ll never forget!

Vegas in a Day!

If what you need is a complete change of pace from your ordinary routine and you’re ready to experience a totally different scene, consider making a day trip to Las Vegas! If you’re thinking the trip sounds fun but can’t really be done well in a day, plan your 24-hour getaway with these trusty travel tips in mind:

·         Take an early flight. Doing so will mean you will arrive in Vegas in the morning. Chances are you will be greeted by sunny, warm weather that invites you to relax and take in the sights and sounds of the famous Vegas strip.

·         Sleep on the plane: If you can manage to sleep while in flight, the three-hour time difference will be an advantage. You can arrive ready to enthusiastically take in all the city has to offer. 

·         Dress for comfort: Go explore and enjoy the city rather than camping out in the packed casinos all day! Athleisure clothing with comfortable shoes is all you need. If you must pack, take only the essentials so you can focus on the adventure you are having, not the weight you are carrying around! Keep it fun and light!

·         Enjoy the local cuisine. You’ll arrive just in time for brunch, providing the perfect opportunity to replenish your hunger and thirst. The Vegas strip is home to numerous outdoor brunch spots, offering you the chance to rejuvenate and enjoy being waited on as you soak up the local flavor with as much exotic flare as you desire.

·         Put those comfortable shoes to use. Now, you should be ready to do some walking, so head over to Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage Hotel.  Check out the tigers, lions, panthers and dolphins up close. 

·         It’s time to shop! Now you should be energized and ready to do some Las Vegas-level shopping. Take advantage of the designer boutiques, spending as much or as little as your travel budget allows. I guarantee you will enjoy the extra attention you receive, and a shopping excursion in Vegas will be one to remember.

·         Ready for a break? If you find your busy day has left you in need of a bit of me time to relax and recover, simply find one of the many salons on the strip that offer spa services and request a facial and massage. Pampering yourself in this way will give you the perfect, leisurely break to help you wind down after your adventure-packed day.

·         The Bellagio Hotel Fountain and Light Display. Choreographed to music, this dramatic exhibition has become a mainstay of the Vegas evening skyline and for good reason. It is a breathtaking sight to behold which onlookers can appreciate while having dinner in one of the numerous surrounding restaurants or can be enjoyed while indulging in your favorite beverage purchased from one of the many coffee shops or bars also located nearby.

·         Heading home. If you didn’t have time for dinner before heading to the airport to catch your flight home, be sure to take advantage of the airport courtesy lounges to eat and be pampered while you await your flight. 

You’ll be taking a red-eye flight, so once again, getting sleep on the plane will make all the difference! If you’re able to rest on that overnight flight back to Charlotte, you’ll arrive early the following day, feeling rested, refreshed and ready to jump back into your regular routine.

Vegas is Back!

There’s no doubt about it, Roni Kasten Fishkin, Director of Marketing and Vendor Relations for Mann Travels, located in the Arboretum Shopping Center, contends confidently, “The Las Vegas recovery has hit its stride…travel industry insiders report the world’s self-proclaimed Entertainment Capitalto be among the most popular destinations emerging from the pandemic. Corporate travel and big conferences are fueling this trend.”

The current sites and sounds of the city give evidence to this statement. Travelers making their way to top destinations along the famed Vegas strip such as The Venetian Resort, a 5-star hotel offering high-end accommodations including luxury and personalized services to its guests, is described by Roni as nothing short of “a sprawling mecca of gambling, shopping, dining and entertainment—located smack in the middle of the bustling strip.” 

The Venetian Resort is a sight to behold, as it is surrounded by canals, reproductions of the waterways that surround the Italian city from which the resort takes its name. Reproduction gondolas sail along the resort canals completing the effect.

Roni affirms that the multitude of world-renowned restaurants and exclusive shops that are at the heart of the city’s culture are once again packed with eager customers and that the streams of additional patrons waiting in lines to enter these leading attractions “tell the story—Vegas is back!”

Sin City Hasn’t Missed a Step

As Roni rightfully points out, “There really is no place in the world like Vegas” a fantasy city built upon glitz and make-believe, surrounded by bright lights to heighten the effect. Vegas is an adventurer’s paradise, where the options are seemingly endless.

For a glamourous getaway, enjoy the best of fine dining, high-end shopping and entertainment by the biggest names in show biz, all while relaxing in luxurious accommodations. For those who want to see another side of the city, there are tattoo parlors, Elvis look-alikes and of course, slot machines galore!

Las Vegas: Beyond the Casinos

If the glitz of the Vegas Strip gets to be too much for you, there’s always the Fremont Experience, a collection of sights and activities on historic Fremont Street, the second most famous street in the city and the oldest. Fremont is accessible by local bus and offers a living tour of the city’s history, including its first casino, The Golden Gate and Casino.

Known by locals as Glitter Gulch, Fremont is Old Vegas and offers an assortment of street vendors and entertainers, family-friendly activities including zip-lining as well as restaurants and you guessed it, casinos.

Destinations Just Outside the City

Interested in nature? The desert surrounding Las Vegas is beautiful and alluring with majestic mountains and colorful canyons, complete with awe-inspiring sunsets.

The Hoover Dam, which stands at over 700 feet tall and is the most visited dam in the world, is just 30 miles outside of Las Vegas. Trips to the Grand Canyon can also be arranged, making Vegas the perfect center point for a trip to see some of the most visited sites in the region.

With so much to see and do, it can be difficult to plan your trip effectively, being sure to hit all the top spots on everyone’s list of must-see and do activities. No worries! The right travel professional can put together your visit to Las Vegas based on your budget.

Let the travel professionals at Mann Travels assist you in making your visit to Las Vegas everything you imagine! Contact to start planning your Vegas adventure today!

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