Las Vegas’ Premier Energy Efficiency Company Brings the Heat

Sol-Up Wins First-Place at the 2022 Solar Games

It’s no surprise America’s City of Lights is home to premier energy efficiency company, Sol-Up. What’s more, for the second year in a row, Sol-Up’s installation team bested those of solar companies from around the country during the 2022 Solar Games in California.

Held in Long Beach, the 2022 Intersolar North America + Energy Storage North America Conference welcomed thousands of attendees representing hundreds of solar efficiency organizations from around the globe. A highlight of the conference is the annual Solar Games, a competition showcasing the expertise of leading national and international solar efficiency companies. Taking home first place in this year’s Solar Games was Vegas’ own Sol-Up.

The annual competition works by pitting top talent from leading U.S. solar companies against one another to see who can install a solar-plus-storage system based on the highest quality, safety, and speed. Consisting of three rounds and judged by a panel of experts from leaders in the industry, including the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners and Solar Energy International, the competition tasked teams with building on- and off-grid residential solar and storage systems. Defending their previous championship, once again Sol-Up came in first place and was named the 2022 Solar Games Champion. 

When it comes to providing commercial and residential solar efficiency on the west coast, Sol-Up reigns supreme in both Southern and Northern Nevada. Founded in 2009 from the vision of German engineer Frank Rieger, Sol-Up is Nevada’s first pure solar energy company. With more than 310 sunny days per year, Rieger knew early on the enormous solar resource Nevada had to offer and anticipated the future consumer demand for clean energy.

“Years ago, I saw the power of solar efficiency abroad and in other U.S. states and knew it held huge potential for Las Vegas. What sets Sol-Up apart from our competitors is our commitment to advanced research and technology and only partnering with the best companies in the field. Our high-grade, hard-wearing Panasonic panels are specifically designed to withstand the harsh heat here in Southern Nevada,” explained Rieger.

A full-service solar efficiency company, Sol-Up oversees installation from conception to completion. “Our goal is to be the solar energy leader for the entire west coast. With that comes the responsibility of educating the community about the benefits of using solar energy,” said Rieger.

As the only company in Las Vegas to offer consumers an on-site showroom, Sol-Up invites potential clients to see the panels first-hand and learn about the environmental and financial benefits of switching to solar energy. Benefits of using solar energy to power your home or commercial building include sustainable and clean electricity derived from sunlight, as well as drastically lower energy bills and an increase in home value.

“We have seen unprecedented growth over the last year. People realize how much sense solar power makes. Both long-time Nevada residents and those moving here from California are looking for the advantages of solar power,” said Rieger.

In their quest to help consumers reach whole-home energy efficiency, Sol-Up recently expanded their product offerings to include a line of energy-efficient windows and doors and green cleaning products. As the only Energy Star certified company for 11 years in a row, ProVia windows and doors installed by Sol-Up aim to keep homes cool during hot summers while decreasing energy consumption and power bills for homeowners, making Sol-Up the clear winner in energy efficiency here in Nevada.

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