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Scallon Family Farm in North Dakota

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Leading With Grace

Keep faith in your life and be kind to all people.

~You started a new role last year as Superintendent of Schools; congratulations! What are some goals you are working towards in that position?

I am embracing the opportunity to advocate for all the schools and engage the community more. I love my community and my students and want to work to move our district forward.

~You have been an educator for thirty-eight years; that is an amazing accomplishment!! What have been a few highlights in your career thus far? 

For me, the highlights have always been the kids. Not all children have the same opportunities, so when I see all different kinds of students succeed, it warms my heart. I love watching them grow and excel when given the tools to assist in their successes. It is also fulfilling to witness colleagues blossom and become excellent leaders. It is rewarding to know the lives you touch, and the impact your work and words can have on someone’s life. Children want to know someone loves them and believes in them.  

~You have a beautiful home. Tell us a little bit about it.

We have a ten-acre farm, with a house that my husband Ryan custom-built. It is designed to incorporate all the things we love. I grew up on the same farm as my grandparents, with my mom and dad modeling hospitality. My grandmother and mother were both excellent cooks. My mother continues her gracious hospitality by making and sharing the best homemade buns in the country! This was very impactful, so naturally, we built our home to entertain others, a place for all our friends and family.

 ~What are some things you love about growing up on a farm?

I enjoy the tranquility of farm life. It is simple. The farm taught me that dedication pays off in life. I learned that honesty, respect, hard work, grit, and faith make for a blessed life. We did a lot as a family; we worked together, prayed together, and had family suppers every evening. As a kid, being on a farm offers you a chance to play, be creative, and use your imagination. I believe it helped shape who I am today. My mom always told me to “bloom where you are planted,” and we love where we are “planted!” 

~What are some things you learned when you were younger that you still value today?

My parents taught me to be humble and kind to everyone I encounter and to keep my faith first.  My grandpa taught me that everyone has a story. If we take the time to listen, we can learn to understand where they are coming from. Faith, family, friends, and fun is our mantra. 

~What are some of your favorite spaces in your home?

Well, since I love to cook and we entertain, the kitchen is a big one. I also love canning, jams, watermelon, asparagus, eggs and more. Another favorite space is my piano loft because music is an essential part of my life. We also have a unique space at the top of our house that I call my prayer room. It looks out over the land and the mountains. It is one of my favorite spaces to reflect and be thankful 

~You mentioned a love for music. Can you tell us about the impact music has had in your life?

Growing up, my mom was the choir director at our church and had me playing from an early age. When we would ride in the car with my mom, we either sang or prayed. I have played at hundreds of weddings and funerals and recently sang at the Broadmoor when awarded the CMEA Award for Supporting Administrator. As Principal at Windsor High School, I sang to kids on their first day and at graduation. The tradition carries on as music continues to be part of our growing family.     

  • Michelle sharing her love of music!
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  • Scallon Family Farm in North Dakota
  • Michelle sharing her family cook book!
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