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Learn About All Things Meyer Lemons


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images + Provided

There are lots of things to get obsessed with out there. Not all of them are worth your time, but sometimes you get halfway through some research and question how you ever lived without this knowledge before. Too dramatic? I'll let you decide. Recently, I went down a Meyer lemon tree rabbit hole and learned all about the man who discovered them, how to grow your own Meyer lemon trees, and all of the delicious foods and drinks you can make with Meyer lemons.

And I am now someone who owns a Meyer lemon tree and am growing it in a pot in my apartment!

If you are even slightly interested in understanding my obsession, check out these articles.

What's So Unique About Meyer Lemons?

If you are looking into container gardening or growing your own fruit trees in your yard, have you considered a lemon tree? Lemon trees are easy to grow in the Earth or in a pot, and they provide beautiful bright yellow fruit that you can use for a variety of baked goods, cocktails, cleaning solutions and so much more.

When picking a lemon tree, you'll want to know a little bit about the different kinds of lemons first. There's your traditional lemon, and then there's the Meyer lemon. Kelli Foster from The Kitchn explains the difference between the two in What’s the Difference Between Meyer Lemons and Regular Lemons?

Do You Know Who Discovered Meyer Lemons?

When I think of Meyer lemons, I immediately start craving lemon bars, lemon scones and all of the other wonderful desserts you can make with those sweet, yellow ovals of goodness. Potted Meyer lemon trees make a great addition to sunny kitchens and patios, and they smell as good as the fruit tastes.

Have you ever wondered who discovered the Meyer lemon? And what makes it so different than a regular lemon? Chris Shott at Taste gives a little history lesson in his article, A Man, a Plan, a Lemon, China.

How to Grow Meyer Lemon Trees in Pots

We all know Meyer lemons are delicious and make delectable desserts, but did you know the trees can add to the beauty of your home as well? Meyer Lemon trees blossom with sweet smelling flowers, and the rich green leaves in comparison to the bright yellow fruit creates a lovely aesthetic for your kitchen or patio.

You can also plant them in your yard, but since they are so easy to maintain in pots, why not try your hand at container gardening?

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Where to Buy Meyer Lemon Trees + Treats

Mother's Day is coming soon, and if you're social distancing from your mom right now, you may be looking for gifts you can buy online and have delivered to her house.

Mother's Day gifts usually have an element of spring and sunshine to them—that's why flower bouquets are so popular for this day! But instead of flowers that will eventually wilt, consider getting your mom something she can use, whether that's a plant that will continue to bloom every spring, or some baking mixes she can try.

Meyer lemons are in season, and they make the best lemon desserts. I've linked where you can order a Meyer lemon tree that grows in a pot, plus some unique Meyer lemon products and treats.

Meyer Lemon Recipes You Need to Make Now

Everything is better with lemon—fish tacos, desserts, cocktails, cleaning supplies—the list goes on and on! And when you kick it up and use Meyer lemons, the game is completely changed. You get some of the best cooking, baking and mixology you have ever done. Try these mouth-watering Meyer lemon recipes now before they go out of season at the end of spring!

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