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Learn How to Do Makeup as an Art Form


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images + Provided

Not all makeup tutorials are about enhancing your cheekbones and making your lips look fuller. Many times, makeup is all about creating art and using different shades and textures to transform yourself into something new. If you've ever wanted to try a celebrity impression, Disney princess look or do something totally different and modern, these makeup tutorials have something for you.

6 Modern Art-Inspired Makeup Looks

Do you get bored with a traditional smoky eye? Are you drawn to modern art? These six makeup looks featured in Modern Art-Inspired Makeup Looks by Julie Schott from Elle magazine may be your speed. Art is therapeutic—that's how the adult coloring book craze began! Spend some much-needed time with yourself and explore using your own face as your canvas for these beautiful looks inspired by modern art.

Makeup How-To: Audrey, Marilyn + Selena

The beauty industry is always turning to celebrities for the new trends and inspiration. But what about the beauty looks of celebrities from history? Below are makeup tutorials to do spot-on impressions of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Selena Quintanilla. Whether you recreate their look entirely and transform your face or simply pick up a few tricks for your daily eye makeup routine, I'm sure you'll have fun playing with these looks and learning even more about the beauty routines of these three iconic women.

Turn Yourself Into a Disney Princess

Maybe you're trying to think of ways to entertain your kids, or maybe you've alway secretly wished you could run away and join the cast of princesses at a Disney park. Either way, you are about to have all of the tools you need to transform your face into that of any Disney princess you choose! Valerie Black from The Talko put together this article, 20 Makeup Looks That Will Transform Anyone Into Their Favorite Disney Princess with a full makeup tutorial for all 20 looks so you can try them yourself at home.

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