Learn to Navigate Medicare with Karla Blake

Turning 65 is a confusing time, you're inundated with information pertaining to Medicare. Telemarketers, mailers, and television ads make it very hard to navigate through the maze. I will make the A,B, C and D of Medicare simple and you will understand the differences between Advantage Plans and Original Medicare with a Supplemental Policy. I make sure you have a comprehensive understanding, and that you are making an informed decision moving forward.

The earlier you understand the differences, the better it is for you. Not everyone is happy with their initial selection when they enroll with Medicare and will need help making changes. You don't have to wait for an annual election period to make a change. 

A domestic executive for 20 years while raising four children; Karla was born in New Jersey, but grew up in Venice. She moved to Fort Lauderdale after college and lived there for 30 years. A change of life events brought her to starting her own business, and during the summer of 2018, she moved back to Venice. Always having a soft spot for seniors, she decided to get into the very specialized niche of Medicare Supplements.

“I love what I do; it is my passion, my job and my ministry,” she says. Making sure you understand your choices in Medicare, and providing exceptional customer service with her "call me anytime" attitude is what sets her apart.

“Most of my business is done through referrals, a happy client who wants to share me with their friends is absolutely the best compliment!”

As a licensed insurance agent in 13 states, Karla's main focus is on Medicare. She specializes in helping seniors gain a comprehensive understanding of the differences between Advantage Plans and Original Medicare. However, she does have a license to also write life, cancer, long term care and annuities. Having a strong Christian faith, she considers her work to be her "ministry."

“We’re definitely stronger together. United we stand, divided we fall. We’ve all been going through difficult times and handle stress differently. Both faith and fear believe in the unknown, one is positive, the other negative. I choose to lean on my faith,” she says. “I continue to make myself available to my clients, answering questions as they arise. I’ve been able to pray with and for them, even on a personal level. I’ve connected with many on social media, having fun with cooking videos, Karla’s Kitchen. Laughter is good medicine!

“I’m blessed; referrals are steady as people keep turning 65 and need my help! I’m still able to service new and existing clients, just not in person. Not to lose a personal touch, I use Zoom for face to face consultations and screen sharing for new policies with an electronic signature.

“Uncertain times require flexibility, I hope to make a positive difference.”

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