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Learning Tools To-Go

Parents need to know about this new educational subscription box delivered right to your door.

“School Box Co. was born during the time of COVID because of the overwhelm parents felt having to balance their kids’ education at home,” says Cassie Hegarty, founder of a new subscription-based box that utilizes hands-on activities for young children.

As a mother of four children under age 8, Hegarty knows the struggle of at-home teaching. So, she decided to do something about it. 

Utilizing her 10 years of teaching experience in the school system, she developed School Box Co. (, a monthly kit sent to your doorstep that highlights activities centered around four main school subjects, including English/language arts, science, math and engineering. Hegarty has done the work for you and made sure the topics are based on the state’s detailed standards of learning and sequenced with the flow of their academic work. 

“I came up with this idea to help engage parents, completely screen-free, so they don’t have to source their own activities but still get involved in their kids learning process. The activities are approachable, simple and easy to understand,” Hegarty says. 

The boxes are each curated with tangible learning tools, ranging from placing clothespins on a laminated number line to help kids solve math problems to sculpting and painting the planets in the solar system. They all integrate the importance of developing children’s fine-motor skills while engaging them intellectually. 

“Hand your kiddos the interactive box (that includes everything you will need for each activity), and parents, you can feel confident that they’re doing standards-based work that is re-enforcing what they are learning in school,” Hegarty shares. 

Because academic success is much more likely if a parent or adult is directly involved in a child’s education, every box includes a set of standards cards and instructions along with the child’s activity, so there is a role for both adult and student to participate together.  

“Parents have felt this overwhelm long before COVID and it will only continue, which is why this resource is necessary now and for the future,” she says. 

Currently, Hegarty is offering a Kindergarten/First Grade Box and a Second/Third Grade Box with the intent to expand her audience. During these most uncertain times, School Box Co. has created a shareable educational tool to create consistency at home. The message is crystal clear from this mom and educator: Stay engaged with your kids and have fun through the process!

A Brand with a Built-in Heart  

“We want to make our product available to all families, regardless of socioeconomic status or location. At our company we are in the process of working with local organizations so that people can have a box donated to a child in need. To learn more about how to donate and what organizations we are working with, go to”

—Cassie Hegarty