Legacy: It’s All About People

Airforce Veteran, Bobby McLamb, is using his love for people to leave a legacy through real estate.

Bobby McLamb grew up all over the United States and never really had a home-based community. That was part of the draw to stay in the Mt. Juliet area after marrying his wife, Kelli. He says he truly always wanted something that felt like the Andy Griffith Show or It’s a Wonderful Life. He enjoys running into familiar faces and being able to support our local businesses. He hopes that Mt. Juliet will always be small enough feel connected to all of his neighbors. 

He appreciates that Mt. Juliet is also a patriotic city and he loves seeing American flags on display year-round. He comes from a long line of military veterans including his grandfather (Navy), father (Air Force & Marine Reserves), and brother (Army). Like his dad, Bobby also served in the U.S. Air Force. After training in multiple states he was stationed at Eielson Air Force Base near Fairbanks, Alaska as part of the rescue squadron. He received the USAF marksmen award, a Good Conduct Medal, as well as a nomination for BTZ. 

His post-military career began as a chance meeting in an airport. He connected with a man who was working for a national homebuilder. They bonded over their shared military service and both had dads struggling with cancer at the time. Bobby was at the end of his term and faced the tough choice of re-enlisting or separating to spend the little time he had left with his father. He decided not to re-enlist and lost his dad a month later. Not knowing what to do next, he remembered the business card from the guy at the airport. Armed with a business degree from Trevecca Nazarene University, Bobby called him up and thus began a 15-year career managing building and construction projects a General Manager for a national builder. He learned everything about real estate from land, titles, and loans, all the way through construction materials and building timelines. However, in 2020 he knew he had to make a change. He was working 60 hours a week in an increasingly stressful industry. Each day he faced problems he knew he could solve but felt bound by limitations mostly outside of his control.  He longed to connect with people and their situations in a way where he could have more of a direct impact on the outcome as well as the level of service he could personally provide. 

Transitioning to residential real estate felt like the right fit, but he was determined to do so in a way that was genuine and relational. Bobby knows there’s a very human side to owning property and he has a real heart for what people are going through. Many times, it’s because families are transitioning to a new phase of life such as marriages, deaths, empty nesters, newborns, etc., and that can be really stressful. He shares, “I want to be a light for people during this time.” But it doesn’t end there. He plans to stay in contact with his clients long term, like your insurance agent or family doctor.

Bobby says, “some people don’t even remember their realtor’s name because it’s become so transactional with technology.”  He’s trying something different: relationship-based real estate. His goal isn’t to be on billboards with a huge list of contacts. He simply wants a core group of clients that he can serve well. He knows it takes time to build trust and he’s eager to do it in a way that’s organic and authentic. He received his real estate license a year ago this month and his vision is catching on. He’s already seeing referrals from current clients. It’s time to do away with the stigma of realtors being like used cars salesmen. Bobby says, “I want to be your real estate agent for life.” 

McLamb is super nerdy when it comes to contract wording and crunching numbers. His time in the home-building industry showed him that there are a lot of details that can be overlooked. His proficiency in this area has saved his clients both time and money. 

He has a creative side too. He says his dad is 100% responsible for his love of music. Growing up, he always had the radio turned on no matter what they were doing. His dad was very artistic and expressed himself through playing guitar and making up silly words to popular songs. Bobby remembers that “he was really funny and people love guys like that. I was one of those guys in college at UT.” He’s now a father himself to 3 daughters ranging in ages from 2 to 19. While he enjoys sports and hunting, he now spends the majority of his free time songwriting professionally. He has a core group that he writes with and they have a lot of fun together. Sometimes they find a good lyric in the most unlikely of places such as JOANN Fabrics & Crafts, or Pinterest. 

While he’d love a #1 hit, he knows that leaving a legacy is all about people. Even in light of his military career, he’d rather be remembered for how he connected with people. Bobby McLamb says, “I hope that people can say that I was consistent. That I was good with my family and did good for God and the community.” 

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