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KFMB Program Brings Community Together to Help One Another

“What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good.” Greek philosopher Aristotle is attributed with coining this phrase more than 2,300 years ago. His philosophy holds true today as evidenced by the many volunteers who help others throughout the community. Keep Flower Mound Beautiful’s Lend-A-Hand program is a shining example.

“We help homeowners that are unable to take care of repairs of their home due to age, illness or loss of income and are in threat of code enforcement citations and fines,” says KFMB Board Chairwoman Marilyn Lawson. 

The Lend-A-Hand program was established in 2013, after Mayor Tom Hayden approached KFMB and asked if the organization could bring the community together to help residents that were close to or had been given a code violation for their home or yard. While planning the first Lend-A-Hand event, Marilyn said two homeowners expressed urgent needs that could not wait, so volunteers immediately went to work.

“We came across a husband and wife that was about to lose their home due to the siding being in such disrepair. The husband had severe rheumatoid arthritis. We were able to get funding, and Home Depot provided volunteers to help, in addition to other volunteers,” Marilyn says.  

Soon after that, Marilyn says the organization was approached by another homeowner who was a disabled veteran. “He was in threat of losing his house because his insurance was going to be dropped due to the repairs needed on his home, so we immediately went to work on his home,” she says. “We were able to raise funds by receiving a grant from a veteran support group and individual donations. We replaced all of the siding on his home, his entire fence, plus additional work.”

Marilyn says the organization held its first official event on his street the next month and helped other neighbors with general maintenance, siding replacement and fence work.

Since that time, she says, the organization has been doing projects as they are reported – instead of scheduling events which may not correspond with homeowners’ needs. To date, the Lend-A-Hand program has completed 71 projects.

Marilyn says the Lend-A-Hand program is unique because it brings together an array of volunteers to help not just their neighbors but the entire community.

“We are very lucky to have specific groups that volunteer with us on a regular basis, which include the Denton Baptist Disaster Relief Team, Young Men’s Service Leagues, LDS Elders & Sisters, National Charity League and Family Service League. We also have individuals that help,” Marilyn says. “When we have a workday coming up, we usually broadcast it through our Facebook page and sometimes our website.”

KFMB continuously seeks groups and individuals to partner with on all aspects of the program, including planning, gathering supplies, securing sponsorships, finding volunteers and skilled labor. The organization also is seeking help from tree trimming and removal companies.

Lend-A-Hand assistance recipients typically are referred by the town’s code enforcement staff, but residents also can contact KFMB directly.

“Many times, the recipients have gotten to the point of being overwhelmed and do not know where to begin to fix whatever the problem is. Once we start, you can see the heavy burden lifting from them. They are also often amazed over all the volunteers being so kind to help people they do not know,” Marilyn says.

Likewise, volunteers are rewarded with the knowledge that they made a difference.

“At the end of a project, having the resident come to us with a huge smile and often hugs is worth the work.”

Those who would like to volunteer with the Lend-A-Hand program or are in need of help, should contact Keep Flower Mound Beautiful at 469-828-9074 or For more information about Lend-A-Hand and other Keep Flower Mound Beautiful programs, visit