Grown From a Dream and a Desire

From Humble Beginnings, Three Generations of Haymakers Provide Tree And Landscape Service

Article by Jacquie Mazziotta

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Originally published in Canton Lifestyle

More than 50 years ago, Larry and Paula Haymaker needed trees removed from their Jackson Township property. After receiving an overpriced quote from a local landscape company, Larry picked up a chainsaw and removed the trees himself. Armed with a dream and a desire to make a living, the pair began mowing lawns and performing tree and landscape work for neighbors and ultimately founded Haymaker Tree and Lawn.

Since then, three generations of Haymakers have continued to grow the full-service tree business, which started in 1968. Today, owners Mark and John Haymaker employ approximately 40 people and 13 crews who service the Stark, Summit, Tuscarawas and Wayne counties, as well as all over eastern Ohio. Family members can also be found climbing trees, operating bucket trucks and equipment, and working in the administrative offices of accounting and operations.

Located at 6854 Wales Ave. NW in Jackson Township, Haymaker offers tree work and landscaping for both residential and commercial customers. According to Mark Haymaker, customer service and treating employees well are the guiding principles for the company’s success. Customers can expect quick estimates, timely response to answering and returning phone calls, honoring estimates, reasonable pricing and fixing mistakes when necessary. 

“We have a love for the industry, the business and being part of the community,” says Mark. “We treat employees like family.”

Many employees have been at Haymaker for at least a decade, and some have been with the tree and landscape business for two decades, while many others have a minimum of five years of experience.

In a competitive industry, Haymaker continues to thrive. Tree work can be hazardous, and safety and training are top of mind.

“We want everyone to come home safe each and every day,” says Mark.

From rock beds to tree trimming, staff members are eager to educate and help point customers to resources for answers they need. Personal preference and least maintenance tends to guide decisions.

Spring cleanup services include weed removal and prevention, trimming and grooming bushes and hedges, and cleaning and edging landscape beds. Some other services include new yard installation and repair, hydroseed, landscape design, rock wall and border installation, and stone landscape bed and mulch installation.

Mulch is often top of mind for many homeowners, and understanding choices is often a priority — especially for those who choose to add a light coating each year.

“Our recommendation for the amount of mulch a homeowner needs is around a depth of two inches,” explains Mark. “There are many mulch calculators online for homeowners to determine the amount of yardage for the coverage they want. Typically, a homeowner just needs to figure out the square footage of the area they are looking to cover. The formula is length x width = square footage.”

Dark brown natural mulch can vary in shade based on the length of time for decomposition. However, dyed mulch is different because it decomposes at a slower rate. Because of this, a landscape bed may need to be dug out due to the buildup of dyed mulch.

“Our preference is the natural mulch we produce ourselves with the recycled materials from the tree work we perform in the area,” adds Mark.

Whether trees were a top priority prior to recent wind and storms, uprooted evergreens and others have produced a spotlight on large, overgrown trees.

The timing for tree trimming is determined by the fruit and flowers that bloom. However, according to Haymaker, the majority of bushes and trees can usually be trimmed throughout the year.

Haymaker Tree and Lawn follows the ANSI standards for tree trimming. The dormant season during winter months is a great time of year to address trimming, but many homeowners are not always thinking about trees during that time of year. However, oak trees especially should be trimmed during winter months to avoid oak wilt disease. If unsure, the tree experts at Haymaker offer a free consultation.

For more information, call 330.499.5037 or visit HaymakerTreeAndLawn.com.

When it comes to tree and lawn maintenance, Mark Haymaker offers three tips for success. First, conduct routine thinning and remove dead wood from trees to minimize roof and yard damage. Second, don't over mulch trees. This can cause root disease and girding roots, which will kill a tree over time. Third, consider tree removal and trimming in winter when prices may be cheaper.

“We have a love for the industry, the business and being part of the community. We treat employees like family.”

— Mark Haymaker, co-owner

“Our preference is the natural mulch we produce ourselves with the recycled materials from the tree work we perform in the area."

— Mark Haymaker, co-owner

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