Lenny Walterscheid

The Grand Valley and the NFL

From scenery and hikes, to restaurants, retail stores, and people, Grand Junction is filled with so many hidden gems. If you take the time to listen to what is around you, it is easy to find them.  

One of Grand Junction’s gems is former NFL player, Lenny Walterscheid. If you meet Lenny in his business, All Pro Liquor, you may hear about his love for his family, or his 20+ years spent in the Grand Valley. He may tell you a hunting story or two, or maybe share some anecdotes from his 8-year career playing in the NFL for teams like the Chicago Bears and Buffalo Bills. 

If you are lucky enough to hear him reminisce about his football career, you will likely hear how he started out as a running back, attending college in Moab, Utah. Later he signed as a free agent and earned his spot on the Buffalo Bills. While Lenny shares his successes with humility, it is hard not to be inspired when you hear of how hard he worked to gain and maintain his spot against other drafted positions. He never let others intimidate him, and continually put in the hard work to get time in the game. His hard work was truly highlighted in his 97-yard rush against the Raiders which is still one of the proudest moments of his NFL career.  

Perhaps what Lenny is most proud of though, is his family. As he talked about celebrating 45 years of marriage with his college sweetheart, you could hear the love he has for the family they have built together. With three children and eight grandchildren, the Walterscheids stay very busy.  

Outside of family and work, Lenny has a passion for Grand Junction; for the community and lifestyle here. He enjoys the hunting, fishing, and camping our surrounding areas have to offer, as well as the beautiful scenery of the Monument, Bookcliffs and Grand Mesa.  

Lenny is further proof that no matter where you look in Grand Junction, there are incredible stories to be heard, people to be met, and experiences to be had. 

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