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Tea and Tranquility

Explore the Perfect Tea Party with Pat Eitland at Her Lenten Rose Garden Tea Cottage

Nestled in the picturesque neighborhood of Mount Vintage is Pat Eitland’s home and tea cottage, a haven of beauty and hospitality. This enchanting location served as the backdrop for a segment of the popular show Very Vera, where Vera Stewart and her crew filmed a decadent garden tea party. The event was attended by members and guests of the Women of Woodside Supper Club, who were treated to Eitland’s exceptional hosting skills.

Eitland’s passion for tea parties began many years ago when she and her daughter were invited to tea hosted by her daughter’s British violin teacher. This experience sparked a love for the tradition that has only grown over the years. Eitland’s journey in hospitality further blossomed during her time at the illustrious Saint Paul Hotel in Minnesota, where she honed her skills and was even honored and crowned with the title of Duchess of the hotel before she left. 

Eitland’s husband was so supportive of her passion for hosting tea parties that he built her a custom tea cottage in their backyard. The cottage is surrounded by a stunning garden filled with the most breathtaking variety of flowers, including several Lenten Roses, after which the cottage is named. The garden is not just a visual delight; it also provides ingredients for teas, such as mint and jasmine, adding a personal touch to each tea party. 

The garden tea party, filmed by the “Very Vera” crew, showcased Eitland’s meticulous attention to detail and her deep appreciation for the art of hosting. The guests in attendance enjoyed a serene afternoon in this lush garden setting. When speaking with one of the guests, Cody Anderson, owner of The Constantine House and George Funeral Home, he stated, “I am just so excited to be present in such a bucolic setting for an afternoon tea.”  

Eitland takes pride in every aspect of her tea parties, from the carefully chosen three-course menus to the elegant presentation. During her interview with Stewart, Eitland shared some of her secrets to hosting the perfect tea party. She correctly demonstrated the art of folding napkins, emphasizing that it adds elegance to the table setting. She spoke about the timing and duration and how a tea party should only last about two hours, which provides ample time for guests to relax and enjoy their experience without feeling rushed. She even advised the correct way to stir, starting at noon and softly folding the tea back and forth, similar to rocking in a boat. 

Eitland’s dedication to hosting tea parties is deeply rooted in her love for serving others. Her early missionary work and experience at the Saint Paul Hotel shaped her approach to hospitality. She stated, “I believe it is so important that I personally serve each guest and get to know their stories; this time brings us together and friendship blooms.”

The Lenten Rose Garden Cottage is more than just a venue; it’s a testament to Eitland’s passion for bringing people together and building friendships. Her husband’s support and the beautiful cottage he created for her stand as a symbol of their shared dreams and love.

Tea parties at the Lenten Rose Garden Cottage are not just about enjoying tea and treats; they are about creating lasting memories and fostering connections. Thanks to Eitland’s genuine care and attention to detail, her guests leave feeling uplifted and cherished. 

Through her tea parties, Eitland uses her gifts to bless and mentor others. She has built a community around her that appreciates the simple joys of life and the beauty of shared moments. Her garden, with its vibrant blooms and tranquil ambiance, serves as the perfect setting, making every tea party a welcome respite. Guests are given a chance to slow down, savor the moment and enjoy the company of friends old and new.