Les Jones Roofing

The #1 Roofer in the Minneapolis Suburbs

Les Jones is one of the biggest names in Twin Cities roofing. It is impossible to drive around Eden Prairie without witnessing several examples of his team’s craftsmanship. Many are unassuming asphalt shingle roofs on single family houses. Others are more prominent, including the massive roofs sitting atop churches and commercial properties. A few are quite arguably works of art, as Les Jones Roofing helps to preserve many of Minnesota’s historic buildings as well.

The Minneapolis area’s top roofing contractor started out small. Les had worked for a local roofing company in between semesters at the University of Minnesota. Upon graduating in 1974, he recognized roofing as the perfect opportunity to put his business acumen to good use while also serving his vibrant and growing hometown.

“I started out working in the field,” said Les. “When you first begin roofing, you’ll use muscles you didn’t even know you had. But once I got into it, I fell in love with it. The challenge of managing multiple projects at the same time, the satisfaction of doing something with your hands, and the honor of taking care of so important a part of your neighbors’ most valuable possessions – roofing gives you a sense of purpose that I doubt many other jobs offer. Although I couldn’t say for certain, having not had many other jobs.

“It had always been my desire to have my own business. The opportunity presented itself a little sooner than I would have liked, but thanks to the support of my wife Nancy and both of our families, we were able to found Les Jones Roofing in 1981. Many of the people I’d previously worked for were eager to become our new company’s first clients, so we were fortunate to hit the ground running.

“Minnesotan weather is not kind to roofing. We get the full brunt of the sun and all its ultraviolet rays which deteriorate materials during the summertime. We get wet leaves and everything else that clogs up roofs, gutters and downspouts in the fall. And in winter? Well, I hardly have to explain what all that snow and ice does to our roofs during that interminable season!

“We beat the weather through exceptional craftsmanship. Working with asphalt shingles, sheet metal, wood shake, slate, tile, rubber membrane and copper takes considerable experience, but that’s the only way we’re able to serve such a diverse range of clients – everyone from large corporations to HOAs to regular homeowners in the suburbs. We do a great deal of carpentry and waterproofing as well, which lets our clients hire us for complex projects involving leaks, water damage, ice dams and other problems which might otherwise have required three or four different contractors. 

“High-quality roofing products are also essential in this climate, which is why we’re partnered with our industry’s leading manufacturers. We are a Master Elite contractor with GAF, a Platinum Preferred contractor with Owens Corning, and a Select ShingleMaster with CertainTeed. Only one percent of American roofers can claim all of those qualifications, and we’re additionally certified to work with cedar, slate and rubber. And thanks to Architectural Sheet Metal, our fabrication division, we can custom tailor the ideal metal roof for any building.

“I’ve most enjoyed working with the Minnesota Historical Society over the years. I take great pleasure from keeping extraordinary buildings in immaculate condition, and matching that Old World craftsmanship is equally rewarding. Replacing a roof that had originally been laid by someone’s great-great-grandfather fills you with respect for the past we all share, as well as gratitude for what previous generations have created for us.

“If I could go back in time, I think I might have picked a humbler name for this business. Naming your company after yourself was just the convention among contractors back in the ‘80s. But I do take pride in our work – at least as much pride as a good Minnesotan will allow himself to take – and I’m happy to attach my name to every roof we install or otherwise service.

“I believe that level of accountability shines best through our core value, which is our customer service. Whether you ask my team to completely replace the roof on your commercial property or just check your rambler for ice damage, we consider high-quality craftsmanship only one aspect of our business. Fast and polite communication, strictly adhering to our clients’ budgets and timeframes, returning to a jobsite years later to fix any mistakes we might have made – and, above all else, respect – are all inseparable from our mission to offer the best roofing service in the Twin Cities.”

Please visit to learn more about Les’s mission and schedule first-rate service at your home or place of business.

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